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147 Possible Causes for Cardiac Arrest, Jaw Stiffness

  • Tetanus

    However, the patient succumbed to cardiac arrest as a result of severe autonomic instability, despite aggressive cardiopulmonary resuscitation.[] Early symptoms of tetanus include: Painful muscle spasms that begin in the jaw (lock jaw) Stiff neck, shoulder and back muscles Difficulty swallowing Violent generalized muscle[] Mortality was directly associated with symptomatic period, acute renal failure cardiac arrest and hypotension, and inversely associated with onset period in the multivariate[]

  • Pharyngitis

    She sustained two cardiac arrests, three tube thoracostomies, acute kidney injury requiring dialysis and ventilatory failure requiring tracheostomy.[] Your child has swelling or pain in his or her jaw. Your child has voice changes, or it is hard to understand his or her speech. Your child has a stiff neck.[] Serious adverse effects include: allergic or anaphylactic reactions, drowsiness, dizziness , confusion , low blood pressure , irregular heart beats, cardiac arrest , blurry[]

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    Everything seemed to be going well until the very end, when Sydney's blood pressure shot up, her pulse dropped, and she went into cardiac arrest .[] Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth include: Bad breath Red gums Tender or bleeding gums Headache Jaw stiffness Unpleasant taste in mouth Difficulty opening the mouth If left[] However, impacted wisdom teeth symptoms may include pain, swelling and bleeding around the gums, as well as headache or jaw stiffness.[]

  • Succinylcholine

    Tryptase and immunoglobulin E assays may help to identify anaphylactic reactions when cardiac arrest occurs at induction of anesthesia.[] Stiff or rigid muscles, especially in your jaw.[] The cause of cardiac arrest we speculated was hyperkalemia, possibly secondary to succinylcholine-induced rhabdomyolysis.[]

  • Dridol - Teratogenic Agent

    arrest Duplicated Case Numbers Outcomes 2, 12, 77, 82 Death, cardiac arrest 3, 10, 85 Death, cardiac arrest 5, 84 Death, cardiac arrest 6, 8, 11, 59, 78 Death, cardiac arrest[] , or neck; or severe nervous system reaction--very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors.[] Six possible serious AEs occurred in pts with serious comorbidities; 2 cases of respiratory depression, 3 post-DROP seizures, and 1 cardiac arrest (resuscitated) 11 hours[]

  • Malignant Hyperthermia

    Cardiac arrest followed. He could not be resuscitated. Postmortem genetic analysis found a novel RYR1 variant.[] Jaw stiffness was first noted although trachea was intubated without difficulty.[] arrest.[]

  • Respiratory Muscle Paralysis

    He continued to have severe diarrhea and again developed marked hypokalemia with respiratory muscle paralysis, abdominal distention, and cardiac arrhythmias with cardiac arrest[] The most common spasms occur in the muscle of the jaw, and the first sign of the illness often is stiffness of the jaw, or trismus.[] […] arrhythmias or cardiac arrest due to hyperkalemia.[]

  • Benzodiazepine Overdose

    Acute manifestations in overdosed patients usually involve collapse with seizures, cyanosis due to respiratory failure, loss of consciousness, coma and possible cardiac arrest[] Box: Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome – clinical features General Headache Palpitations Sweating Musculoskeletal Tremor, fasciculations Muscle pain, stiffness and aches[] In overdose situations this pharmacological effect is extended leading to a more severe CNS depression and potentially coma or cardiac arrest.[]

  • Metoclopramide

    We interpret this as episodes of cardiac arrest caused by metoclopramide.[] Appear to have a stiff or "locked" jaw. Have trouble talking or moving his mouth and tongue. Bend or twist his neck to one side.[] We report a case of cardiac arrest after uncomplicated regional anesthesia in a patient with scleroderma who received labetalol and metoclopramide after surgery.[]

  • Strychnine Poisoning

    Eventually the patient became comatosed due to anoxia and had a cardiac arrest.[] Her last recorded words were "My jaws are stiff. This is a horrible death to die." Her murderer was never identified.[] She then went into cardiac arrest and was taken to the hospital, despite what the affidavit calls emphatic requests from her husband that they not take her because the two[]

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