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4,389 Possible Causes for Cardiac Arrhythmia, CD27+ B Cells Decreased, Desbuquois Dysplasia

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    The distribution of PB B-cell subsets (immature/regulatory, naïve, CD27(-) and CD27( ) memory B lymphocytes, and circulating plasmablasts of distinct immunoglobulin-Ig-isotypes[] arrhythmia may occur.[] Heavy drinking can affect the electrical impulses in the heart, which may result in cardiac arrhythmia that could be fatal.[]

    Missing: Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Immunodeficiency Type 23

    […] resembling Desbuquois dysplasia.[] Two of the three children had skeletal anomalies resembling Desbuquois dysplasia: short stature, brachydactyly, dysmorphic facial features, and intellectual disability.[] Keywords: Bone marrow failure / Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation / Pgm3 / Severe combined immunodeficiency / whole‐exome sequencing / DESBUQUOIS‐LIKE DYSPLASIA Click here[]

    Missing: Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    , short stature (Hyperlordosis) Dennis Fairhurst Moore syndrome (Hyperlordosis) Desbuquois dysplasia type 1 (Hyperlordosis) Desbuquois syndrome (Hyperlordosis) Developmental[] A sizeable number of patients also develop autonomic dysfunction where they experience fluctuations in their blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias.[] […] signs of respiratory failure or cardiac arrhythmias.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased
  • Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy Type 2

    Dysplasia 2 1 Desbuquois Syndrome 1 Desmosterolosis 1 Diabetes Insipidus, Nephrogenic, Autosomal 2 Diabetes Insipidus, Nephrogenic, X-Linked 2 Diabetes Insipidus, Neurohypophyseal[] A complex arrhythmia was discovered, and a nodal ablation was done with a cardiac pacemaker implanted. The patient had an arrhythmia and sudden death followed this.[] Those with cardiac involvement had arrhythmias resulting in ventricular dysfunction.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased
  • Skeletal Dysplasia

    Abstract We report a boy with Desbuquois dysplasia type 1.[] Cardiac anomalies included PDA, VSD, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and arrhythmias.[] CONCLUSION: The present patient may represent the mildest end of the variable phenotypic manifestation of the recently described Desbuquois dysplasia.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased
  • Hyperkalemia

    The fact, however, that hyperkalemia can lead to sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias requires that physicians be quick to consider hyperkalemia in patients who are at risk[] Weakness Paresthesias Paralysis Palpitations Evaluation of vital signs is essential for determining the patient’s hemodynamic stability and the presence of cardiac arrhythmias[] arrhythmias Inhospital care Once the patient reaches the emergency department, assessment and treatment include the following: Continuous ECG monitoring with frequent vital[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 1E

    […] epiphysealis hemimelica Dysplasia of head of femur, Meyer type Dysplastic cortical hyperostosis Dyssegmental dysplasia, Rolland-Desbuquois type Dyssegmental dysplasia, Silverman-Handmaker[] Ischemic stroke of cardioembolic origin is a relatively rare but severe complication among patients of myopathy and cardiac arrhythmia.[] […] pacemakers in patients with life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias surgery for cataract extraction non-invasive positive pressure ventilation in patients with obstructive sleep[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased
  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    arrhythmias confusion, seizures, dyskinesias, dystonias, or coma D.[] arrhythmias Many arrhythmias are self-limiting Cardiac monitoring Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) protocol if indicated Cardiology consultation B.[] arrhythmias.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Supraventricular Tachycardia

    Several studies have reported an increased incidence of cardiac arrhythmias in patients treated with these agents, and other studies have found increased rates of cardiovascular[] arrhythmia.[] Understanding your heart and cardiac arrhythmia A heart arrhythmia is an electrical system malfunction of the heart related to its rhythm.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Atrial Fibrillation

    Cardiac Arrhythmias Learn more about cardiac arrhythmias from electrophysiologist James Freeman, MD, co-director, Atrial Fibrillation Program.[] Atrial fibrillation is the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia, which is associated with a high risk of stroke and thromboembolism.[] Atrial fibrillation is the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia, and affected individuals suffer from increased rates of heart failure, stroke, and death.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia

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