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67 Possible Causes for Cardiac Signs and Symptoms, Congestive Heart Failure, Pulsus Alternans

  • Cardiomyopathy

    All of these types of cardiomyopathies can cause severe congestive heart failure.[] Like HCM, it can cause sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes. What are the signs and symptoms? Some people who have cardiomyopathy never have signs or symptoms.[] Signs and symptoms Signs and symptoms of HCM can include the following: Sudden cardiac death (the most devastating presenting manifestation) Dyspnea (the most common presenting[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    We observed decreases among those with a history of diabetes (Yes: 22%, 95% CI 14-29%; No: 25%, 95% CI 18-31%), congestive heart failure (Yes: 23%, 95% CI 16-30%; No: 24%,[] Documentation Suggestions Describe clinical signs and symptoms (e.g., crescendo angina, fourth heart sound, left ventricular failure, pain radiating to left arm, etc.).[] heart failure.[]

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy

    Pulsus alternans is an infrequent, complex pathophysiologic sign often associated with severe heart failure.[] heart failure review, section on treatment.[] Physical exam: A thorough physical exam will be done to evaluate for signs of a cardiac problem.[]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    alternans (alternating large and small pulse pressures) and a raised JVP.[] The Framingham Heart Study criteria are 100% sensitive and 78% specific for identifying persons with definite congestive heart failure.[] This is a rare occurrence, especially in patients that do not exhibit any signs and symptoms of acute cardiac decompensation.[]

  • Pulmonary Edema

    Untreated congestive heart failure can trigger pulmonary edema.[] However, if a patient has equivocal symptoms and signs combined with a modest elevation in NT-proBNP, it is most likely to represent cardiac dysfunction.[] The clinical profile of the patients was similar to that reported in recent large AHFS registries. 3 , 6 - 9 All patients had signs and symptoms of congestion (entry requirement[]

  • Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

    Abstract Dilated cardiomyopathy, owing to any cause, usually culminates in the clinical syndrome of congestive heart failure.[] There were no other associated symptoms. At no time did the patient have clinical signs or symptoms of angina or cardiac failure.[] Signs and symptoms of ischemic cardiomyopathy include sudden fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and palpitations.[]

  • Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy

    Leg elevation promptly reversed the pulsus alternans, and the echocardiographic abnormality.[] Laboratory test B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) levels are sensitive for congestive heart failure.[] […] biomarker elevation suggestive of myopericarditis; or when a patient presents with clinical signs and symptoms of an acute MI and a normal coronary angiogram.[]

  • Acute Myocarditis

    We reported the case of a 12-year-old girl with congestive heart failure, acute myocarditis and pericardial effusion as a primary manifestation of SLE.[] Myocarditis is inflammation of the cardiac muscle. The symptoms, signs and basic investigation findings can mimic that of myocardial infarction.[] A 60-year-old man presented with pneumonia and congestive heart failure.[]

  • Lymphocytic Myocarditis

    […] immunosuppressive agents (prednisone and azathioprine) in addition to standard therapy for congestive heart failure.[] The book and DVD package is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of every aspect of cardiovascular medicine from cardiac signs and symptoms and the full range of cardiac[] Despite vigorous antithyroid treatment including a beta-blocker, glucocorticoid and potassium iodide, the patient eventually succumbed to refractory congestive heart failure[]

  • Primary Cardiomyopathy

    […] left ventricle, myocardial dysfunction, and congestive heart failure. hypertrophic cardiomyopathy an increase in heart muscle weight, particularly of the left ventricle and[] The patient may not exhibit any signs and symptoms in the early stages of cardiomyopathy.[] Considerations for Cardiomyopathies Type* Signs and symptoms Diagnostic considerations Treatment considerations Dilated cardiomyopathy Shortness of breath, fatigue, cough[]

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