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11 Possible Causes for Cardiac Signs and Symptoms, Sinus Arrest, Tonic Posturing

  • Vasovagal Syncope

    If your patient exhibits any these associated signs or symptoms, you should have someone call 911 immediately.[] Vasovagal syncope with concomitant ventricular asystole and sinus arrest is rare.[] […] and symptoms Although presentation of neurocardiogenic syncope is similar to that of other types of syncope, loss of consciousness in patients with neurocardiogenic syncope[]

  • Sinus Arrest

    […] invasive ventilation as airway clearance technique compared to PEP in adult patients with cystic fibrosis - Maria Cecilia Rodriguez (SE) Abstract WS9.5: Saline at lower tonicity[] May have sign and symptoms of decreased cardiac output, such as hypotension, blurred vision, etc G. Treatment 1. Vagal maneuvers – Valsalva, carotid massage 2.[] Sinus arrest primarily affects older patients.[]

  • Syncope

    How to differentiate syncope from a seizure If there are soft tissue injuries at multiple sites, or if posturing or a rigid (tonic) phase was observed before rhythmic activity[] Cardiac syncope is usually associated with virtually no prodromal symptoms (no signs that the syncope was about to occur). It often occurs during exercise.[] Both atrioventricular block and sinus arrest were induced by only eating citrus fruits, citrus jelly, and acidic foods but not by other drinks and foods.[]

  • Carotid Sinus Syncope

    The episodes were immediately preceded by dizziness and visual disturbances, without postural changes whatsoever. He recovered spontaneously.[] Although some of us may consider such subspecialization unfortunate, it has become clear that a variety of cardiac disorders present with different symptoms and signs, require[] The most frequent cause of the carotid sinus syncope (Adams-Stokes) attack is the sinus arrest and a sinus block. 2 degrees-3 degrees av block can be observed less frequent[]

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    Myoclonic seizures, asymmetric clonus and symmetric tonic posture diminished with age.[] Clinical decision-making is guided by patient symptoms and signs of hemodynamic stability.[] We report a case of a previously healthy man presenting with syncope in whom telemetry revealed sinus arrest.[]

  • Micturition Syncope

    These states should not be considered syncope unless the patient lost consciousness and postural tone.[] Tests may not be necessary and can be tailored to any signs or symptoms that raise concern for a specific underlying illness.[] In intrinsic sick sinus syndrome, syncope typically occurs secondary to long pauses caused by sinus arrest or sinoatrial block. 1 In the setting of tachyarrhythmia, syncope[]

  • PHACE Syndrome

    Dystonic (or tonic) tics are long lasting, and characterized by sustained abnormal postures ( Jankovic 1994 ).[] Seventeen of 34 patients with PHACE syndrome and signs or symptoms of dysphagia or speech or language problems were included for analysis.[] sinus arrest洞停止 sinus bradycardia洞性徐脈 sinus node洞結節 sinus of Valsalvaバ[ヴァ]ルサルバ[ヴァ]洞 sinus rhythm洞調律 sinus tachycardia洞性頻脈 situs inversus逆位 situs solitus正位 sleep apnea syndrome[]

  • Spastic Ataxia with Congenital Miosis

    Learn more about how to achieve it with Mendelian Learn more Other signs and symptoms that you may find interesting Feeding difficulties and Abnormal cardiac septum morphology[] DESCENDING TRACTS Five descending systems exert tonic effects on the a and γ motor neurons; these systems are therefore important in the postural control of the limbs.[] Hyperopia, Optic disc drusen, papilledema, elevated IOP, Birdshot chorioretinopathy Infections: Aspergillus, Herpes Zoster, Lyme dz, Herpes labalis, Staphylococcal cavernous sinus[]

  • Tussive Syncope

    […] movement/posturing Seizure Eyes open during event Seizure or syncope (any cause) Eyes closed during event Pseudoseizure, psychogenic Prolonged confusion Seizure Transient[] symptoms and signs should raise a high suspicion for early diagnosis of atrial myxoma.[] A case of sinus arrest and post-hiccup cough syncope in medullary infarction.[]

  • Theophylline

    Acute asthma treatment that increased the serum theophylline to 35 micrograms/mL was associated with tonic clonic seizures followed by bizarre, lateralized posturing.[] Hemodynamic Instability Advise patients, especially those with cardiac disorders, to report to their healthcare provider if they experience any signs or symptoms of hemodynamic[] Cardiac events included intermittent episodes of sinus bradycardia complicated by the development of second-degree AVNB and periods of sinus arrest.[]

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