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124 Possible Causes for Cardiac Tamponade, Tension Pneumothorax

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  • Chest Trauma

    Delayed cardiac tamponade is a rare phenomenon that appears days or weeks after injury.[] Obstructive shock and hypoxia are the results of a tension pneumothorax. If a tension pneumothorax worsens, a mediastinal shift will occur.[] KEYWORDS: Blunt chest trauma; Cardiac tamponade; Delayed aortic injury; Rib fracture[]

  • Tension Pneumothorax

    Tamponade - penetrating wound (usually) - Beck's triad (hypotension, distended neck veins, muffled heart sounds) - pulsus paradoxus - Kussmaul's sign - ECHO - IV fluids -[] With the pressure gradually decreasing dueto this maneuver, tension pneumothorax slowly turns into simple pneumothorax.[] CONCLUSIONS: Tension pneumothorax is not uncommon, but clinically fatal tension pneumothorax is extremely rare.[]

  • Penetrating Chest Trauma

    Abstract We describe a case of cardiac tamponade due to pulmonary artery laceration as a late sequela in a patient who had sustained penetrating chest trauma.[] pneumothorax) there is definitely a tear in the chest wall & probably the parietal pleura tf any air that enters into the pleural space via the lung and the flap like tear[] Abstract Penetrating chest trauma is the most common cause of acute cardiac tamponade.[]

  • Distended Neck Veins

    Cardiac tamponade is a medical emergency. Epidemiology Cardiac tamponade is rare. The incidence is 2 cases per 10,000 population in the United States of America.[] CT of tension pneumothorax The presence of chest tubes does not mean a patient cannot develop a tension pneumothorax.[] Cardiac tamponade is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the pericardial space.[]

  • Pulsus Paradoxus

    […] patients with pericardial effusion and suspected cardiac tamponade underwent prospective hemodynamic and echocardiographic evaluation.[] pneumothorax 3) Obstructive lung disease (eg. severe asthma , COPD )[] pneumothorax Early recognition of pulsus paradoxus can help to diagnose rapidly cardiac tamponade, assess the severity of acute asthma as well as its response to therapy.[]

  • Hemothorax

    Tamponade - penetrating wound (usually) - Beck's triad (hypotension, distended neck veins, muffled heart sounds) - pulsus paradoxus - Kussmaul's sign - ECHO - IV fluids -[] Tension Pneumothorax. Tension pneumothorax is a condition in which air enters the pleural cavity outside the lung and becomes trapped.[] tamponade in patients following cardiac surgery.[]

  • Superior Vena Cava Syndrome

    In order to avoid malpositioning of the stent and its potential complications, such as arrhythmia or cardiac tamponade, transoesophageal echocardiography was used for guidance[] Serious complications such as stent migration, pulmonary embolism, and cardiac tamponade can occur in 5% to 10% of cases, and inadequate imaging of the SVC-atrial junction[] She underwent pericardial drainage to alleviate cardiac tamponade.[]

  • Jugular Venous Distention

    Tamponade IV.[] Pneumothorax 23 21 Abdomen Injuries 24 2 13 Musculoskeletal Injuries 25 2 9 17 Performing a Motor Function 30 Musculoskeletal Injuries 25 2 Medical 26 3 Medical Respiratory[] It can also be caused by constrictive pericarditis (infection of the lining that surrounds the heart) and cardiac tamponade (filling of the sac around the heart with blood[]

  • Laceration of the Lung

    […] injury, cardiac tamponade, or cardiac herniation II Blunt cardiac injury with heart block (right or left bundle branch, left anterior fascicular, or atrioventricular) or[] Obstructive shock and hypoxia are the results of tension pneumothorax.[] tamponade occurs when the protective membrane around the heart (pericardium), the pericardial sac, fills with blood or fluid from a ruptured, torn, or lacerated coronary[]

  • Myocardial Contusion

    A myocardial contusion may have the following effects: bleeding into the membrane that surrounds the heart, which can cause cardiac tamponade bleeding within the heart muscle[] Small wounds can form one-way valves, leading to tension pneumothorax.[] Francia et al. about a case of late cardiac tamponade due to myocardial contusion. 1 We would like to make certain observations regarding a similar case that we have recently[]

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