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649 Possible Causes for Cardiogenic Syncope, Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows, Prolonged PR Interval

  • Sick Sinus Syndrome

    This occurs in 50% of people and this is a form of neuro-cardiogenic syncope. [1] [3] [5] fatigue and Weakness [1] Due to inadequate blood supply from the heart to meet the[] Pronounced PR interval prolongation. The effect of this PR interval prolongation on AV dyssynchrony is demonstrated in this ECG image.[] Additional features may include thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, and generalized excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis) with the exception of the scalp hair, which tends to[]

  • AV Block Mobitz II

    Commonly used terminology includes: First degree AV block – Delayed conduction from the atrium to the ventricle (defined as a prolonged PR interval of 200 milliseconds) without[] Every-other-P wave conducts – as determined by the presence of a fixed ( albeit prolonged ) PR interval preceding each QRS complex on the tracing.[] In this variant of second degree heart block the PR interval is constant with occasional dropped beats as compared to the gradually prolonging PR interval in Mobitz type I[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus

    What is it? Patent ductus arteriosus (pronounced pay-tent duck-tus are-teer-e-o-sus) happens when a blood vessel fails to close after a baby is born. The ductus arteriosus is the temporary blood vessel that allows blood to bypass a baby's lungs before it is born. It is a blood vessel that joins the pulmonary[…][]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Sinoatrial Block

    This is different than a first-degree atrioventricular, or AV, block, which shows a prolonged PR interval.[] Mobitz Type 1 (Wenckebach) • Gradual prolongation of PR interval until nonconducted p wave • RP-PR reciprocity • Lengthening of the PR interval at progressively shorter decrements[] In the Mobitz I second-degree AV block, the PR interval is prolonged until the P wave is not followed by a QRS complex.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

    Note the low voltage in the precordial leads and a prolonged PR interval at 20 ms.[] […] it will have low voltage in the precordial leads with prolonged PR interval ( Figure 6 ).[] The differential diagnosis here lies on the ECG, which in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) patients will show high voltage with normal PR interval, whereas in amyloid hearts[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Third Degree Atrioventricular Block

    On the surface ECG this is realized through a prolonged PR interval.[] The authors conclude that acute alcohol poisoning has the potential to prolong the PR interval in young, healthy adolescents without pre-existing first-degree AV block and[] Note the fixed prolonged PR interval.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Bradyarrhythmia

    cardiogenic shock ( R57.0 ) carotid sinus syncope ( G90.01 ) heat syncope ( T67.1 ) neurocirculatory asthenia ( F45.8 ) neurogenic orthostatic hypotension ( G90.3 ) orthostatic[] .  AV Block -First-degree block, which has a prolonged PR interval -Second-degree block, which has intermittent AV conduction, ie intermittent dropped beats.[] First degree AV block describes a prolonged PR interval on EKG.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Paroxysmal Ventricular Tachycardia

    PR interval.[] ) this AV nodal conduction delay is manifested by a prolonged PR interval on the surface ECG.[] […] typical AVNRT, if a PAC occurs while the fast pathway is still refractory, the impulse instead travels down the slow pathway, resulting in ventricular depolarization with prolonged[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Cardiomyopathy

    […] heart failure or cardiogenic shock associated with LV dilatation and/or segmental wall motion abnormalities and ST-T changes on ECG.[] Suspicion may be raised by chest pain, exertional dyspnea, fatigue, syncope, palpitations, ventricular tachyarrhythmias, and conduction abnormalities or by acute congestive[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Cardiogenic Syncope

    PR interval or bundle branch block may be suffering from sick sinus syndrome or intermittent atrioventricular block, both of which can result in bradycardia, hypotension[] Cardiogenic syncope may arise in a wide variety of heart conditions and may predict an ulterior catastrophic event in some cases.[] cardiogenic versus non-cardiogenic syncope.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows