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10 Possible Causes for Cardiomyopathy, Foaming at the Mouth, Manic Behavior

  • Amanita Phalloides Poisoning

    Amanita phalloides mushrooms are extremely toxic. A variety of treatments have been proposed based as often on anecdotal experience as on firm evidence. General consensus exists regarding some treatments, such as the use of silibinin, penicillin, and activated charcoal. The most polarized debate concerns the value[…][]

  • Lead Poisoning

    The poet describes a frothing mouth, asperity of the tongue, and dry throat, together with dry retching, chills, delusions, and overwhelming fatigue.[] […] acute lead poisoning (mid-second century BC) is given in the Alexipharmaca of Nicander, who speaks of "gleaming, deadly white lead whose fresh colour is like milk which foams[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

    Alcoholic cardiomyopathy: In alcoholic cardiomyopathy, the long-term use of alcohol leads to hear failure.[] They will start foaming at the mouth – the foam is sometimes mixed with blood – and they can choke to death on it.[] […] from alcoholism often have low calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, or potassium levels Treatment of any co-occurring health conditions, such as alcoholic neuropathy, alcoholic cardiomyopathy[]

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Incidence and patterns of cardiomyopathy in carbon monoxide-poisoned patients with myocardial injury. Clin Toxicol (Phila) . 2016 Apr 11. 1-7. [Medline] .[] “I guess my buddy said when they pulled me out of there I was drooling and foaming at the mouth. Like I say, I’m lucky to be here,” Thetreau said.[] Fatal brain damage associated with cardiomyopathy of pregnancy with notes on caeserean section in a hyperbaric chamber. BMJ 1968 ; 4 : 285 –7.[]

  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    […] pneumothorax or pneumo-mediastinum (especially among drug smokers), endocarditis or pneumonia (especially among injection drug users), pulmonary embolus, myocarditis or cardiomyopathy[] This also helps to rule out other illicit drugs as well as a manic episode in bipolar disorder.[] PCP exposure is indicated by the intoxicated patient's irregular behavior, nystagmus, motor disturbances, and autonomic stimulation (Galanter & Kleber, 2014).[]

  • Isopropyl Alcohol Poisoning

    The conditions may last from 30 to 60 minutes or longer and chronic use can lead to disease of the heart muscle called cardiomyopathy that could lead to heart failure and[] One more pill and Id have foaming at the mouth and flopping around like a caught fish.) helped, although to be honest I think I fooled myself into thinking they helped more[] Those with chronic alcohol abuse and alcoholic cardiomyopathy may have an additional risk for arrhythmias in the setting of alcohol withdrawal.[]

  • Solvent

    However, such inadequate therapeutic strategies can lead to cardiovascular complications including dilated cardiomyopathy.[] He was in the tank for at least 45 minutes, green foam flowing from his mouth when he was finally pulled out.[] However, its clinical application is limited by cardiotoxicity, such as cardiomyopathy, that once developed carries a poor prognosis and is frequently fatal.[]

  • Dental Disorder

    Common systemic sequelae include liver cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy, arthritis, and various endocrinopathies. [106] Cutaneous manifestations of hemochromatosis include skin hyperpigmentation[] Denial that anything is wrong A manic episode is diagnosed if elevated mood occurs with 3 or more of the other symptoms most of the day, nearly every day, for 1 week or longer[] If your mouth opening is very limited, foam instruments called “toothettes,” or moist cotton gauze squares, can be rubbed along the teeth and gums to achieve some plaque removal[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    The medical examiner determined the cause of death to be cardiac arrhythmia resulting from hypocalcemia associated with EDTA infusion and vacuolar cardiomyopathy.[] […] difficulty in breathing restlessness exaggerated response to stimulation fearfulness emotional instability -lack of self control -fits of anger, with violent, irrational behavior[] […] or timidity, being easily embarrassed loss of memory inability to concentrate lethargy/drowsiness insomnia mental depression, despondency withdrawal suicidal tendencies manic[]

  • Optic Nerve Edema-Splenomegaly Syndrome

    .- ) Use Additional code to identify: Autonomic neuropathy in diseases classified elsewhere ( G99.0 ) Calculus of urinary tract in diseases classified elsewhere ( N22 ) Cardiomyopathy[] behavior, neck and shoulder pain.[] Yasuda S, Tanaka K, Ichikawa A, Watanabe K, Uchida E, Yamamoto M et al (2016) Aggressive TAFRO syndrome with reversible cardiomyopathy successfully treated with combination[]

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