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1,590 Possible Causes for Cardiomyopathy, Hypokalemia

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    […] without cardiomyopathy (p 0.001, both) and controls (p 0.05, both).[] The presence of thyrotoxicosis and hypokalemia does not always indicate a diagnosis of TPP.[] Light-to-moderate alcohol intake is associated with a decreased incidence of coronary heart disease, while heavy drinking may be a precursor for cardiomyopathy.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Rarely, DKA patients may present with significant hypokalemia.[] […] was on hemodialysis due to the stage 5 chronic kidney failure and had various comorbid conditions: arterial hypertension, history of acute myocardial infarction, dilative cardiomyopathy[] […] that patients with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes are at high risk for several cardiovascular disorders: coronary heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, cardiomyopathy[]

  • Hyperkalemia

    On the other hand, limited evidence suggests a link between hypokalemia, but not hyperkalemia, and progression of CKD.[] On the other hand, women, younger age, higher eGFR and baseline use of diuretics were associated with higher hypokalemia risk.[] Dialysis Symptoms of hypokalemia manifest when serum potassium levels fall below 3.0 milliequivalents per liter and these symptoms resolve once hypokalemia is corrected.[]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    In most cases, it is a result of diuretic therapy, which causes activation of the renin-angiotensin system, chloride depletion, increased distal sodium delivery, hypokalemia[] An 88-year-old man who had previously been diagnosed with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy exhibited left ventricular asynergy on echocardiography before undergoing cholecystectomy[] Other poor prognostic factors include left ventricular dysfunction with ejection fraction less than 20%, secondary renal insufficiency, hyponatremia and hypokalemia (with[]

  • Pheochromocytoma

    RESULTS: There were 163 occurrences of pheochromocytoma and cardiomyopathy (63 dilated cardiomyopathy, 38 Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, 30 inverted Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, 10[] Hypokalemia may be present if hyperaldosteronism is diagnosed.[] ; TTC Takotsubo cardiomyopathy; ULN upper limit of normal.[]

  • Hypokalemia

    4351 4400 番を表示 (全 8148 件) 英文 和文 略語 hypertrophic nonobstructive cardiomyopathy 肥大型非閉塞性心筋症 hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy 肥大型閉塞性心筋症 HOCM hypertrophic pyloric stenosis[] Low potassium (hypokalemia) Low Potassium (Hypokalemia) Low Potassium (Hypokalemia) Content of Selected Foods per Common[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search Human disease potassium deficiency disorder hypopotassemia edit Language Label Description Also known as English hypokalemia[]

  • Hypomagnesemia

    Hypokalemia events were related to malnutrition (odds ratio, 2.79; 95% confidence interval, 1.09-7.14; P .045).[] 4351 4400 番を表示 (全 8148 件) 英文 和文 略語 hypertrophic nonobstructive cardiomyopathy 肥大型非閉塞性心筋症 hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy 肥大型閉塞性心筋症 HOCM hypertrophic pyloric stenosis[] Neurogenic peptides and the cardiomyopathy of magnesium-deficiency: effects of substance Preceptor inhibition. Mol Cell Biochem. 1994;130:103-109. 15.[]

  • Digitalis Toxicity

    Dilutional hypokalemia may precipitate digitalis toxicity in the digitalized patient. Successful resuscitation of such a patient is reported.[] Such disorders include restrictive cardiomyopathy, constrictive pericarditis, amyloid heart disease, and acute cor pulmonale.[] Toxicity may result from the cumulative effect of the drug or from hypokalemia.[]

  • Kwashiorkor

    The most commonly seen imbalances are hypernatremia with hypokalemia. If hypokalemia is severe, it can result in decreased cardiac contractility, as well as hypotonia.[] Serum potassium determination guides management of hypokalemia.[] Laboratory findings showed severe anemia, leukocytosis, hypoproteinemia, hyponatremia, hypokalemia, elevated thyroid stimulating hormone and low level of Thyroxine-4.[]

  • Pellagra

    Untreated pellagra can result in death however, due to cardiomyopathy resulting from impairment of cellular metabolic functions. Pellagra is caused by niacin deficiency.[] […] oedema • Smooth, beefy red glossitis • Red skin lesions • Insomnia • Weakness • Mental confusion • Ataxia, paralysis of extremities, peripheral neuritis • Diarrhea • Dilated cardiomyopathy[] […] complications of Pellagra include: Permeant hyperpigmentation of the skin Difficulty swallowing due to mouth inflammation Depression and anxiety Delusion, hallucination Dilated cardiomyopathy[]

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