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88 Possible Causes for Cardiomyopathy, Liver Enzymes Abnormal, Steatorrhea

  • Hemochromatosis

    The disease is usually diagnosed as a result of family screening or after a blood test indicates a high level of iron or abnormal liver enzymes.[] The most common complications of transfusional hemochromatosis are hepatic cirrhosis, hypopituitarism, hypogonadism, diabetes mellitus, other endocrinopathies, and cardiomyopathy[] Mild liver enzyme abnormalities: eliminating hemochromatosis as a cause. Clin Chem 1997 ; 43 : 1535 -1538. Barton JC, Grindon AF, Barton NH, Bertoli LF.[]

  • Amyloidosis

    Generally, the amyloid-infiltrated liver feels very hard, and elevated liver enzymes (particularly alkaline phosphatase) and other liver function abnormalities may be detected[] OBJECTIVES: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is an inherited cardiac disorder that affects over one in 500 persons worldwide.[] The symptoms include diarrhea, steatorrhea, or constipation. Pseudo-obstruction carries a particularly grave prognosis, often not responding to pro-motility agents.[]

  • 3Beta-Hydroxy-Delta5-C27-Steroid Oxidoreductase Deficiency

    […] jaundice, enlarged liver, abnormal liver enzyme tests), steatorrhea, or complications from decreased fat soluble vitamin absorption; and Cholic acid (Cholbam) is being used[] Other commonly associated manifestations include hepatomegaly, cirrhosis, liver fibrosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, restrictive cardiomyopathy and/or diabetes mellitus.[] Hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, and steatorrhea are also common symptoms that complete the clinical picture, alongside vitamin deficiencies.[]

  • Fabry Disease

    enzymes required for lipid breakdown.[] KEYWORDS: Fabry disease; cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic; gadolinium; magnetic resonance; mutation; phenotype; stroke[] Fabry disease continues to be an important misdiagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a clinical setting.[]

  • Duodenal Carcinoid Syndrome

    Fatty Liver (NASH) Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or NASH occurs due to the accumulation of abnormal amounts of fat within the liver. Fatty liver...[] Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: A unique cardiomyopathy with variable ventricular morphology. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2010; 3 :641–649. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 17.[] Idiopathic Steatorrhœa (Non-Tropical Sprue: Primary Malabsorption Syndrome; Gluten-Induced Enteropathy; Adult Cœlic Disease) Nutritional and Metabolic Consequences of Idiopathic Steatorrhea[]

  • Shwachman Syndrome

    Some affected children may also have an abnormally large liver (hepatomegaly) and/or increased levels of certain liver enzymes in the blood (serum liver enzymes).[] Cardiomyopathies have been seen in some cases as have a variety of other organ system problems.[] Pancreatic lipase secretion was assessed in 3 patients with steatorrhea and 5 without steatorrhea (73% of the surviving patients) using a sensitive assay which used maximum[]

  • Friedreich Ataxia

    Peroxisomal disorders include: Zellweger syndrome (abnormal facial features, enlarged liver, and nerve damage in infants) Adrenoleukodystrophy (symptoms of nerve damage can[] Frataxin replacement and anti-inflammatory agents are potential therapies in FA cardiomyopathy.[] One subject with a low body mass index experienced steatorrhea taking a high dose and discontinued the study.[]

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    However, only four of these 18 participants in this subset had abnormal liver enzymes at baseline.[] […] significantly effective (reducing tumor multiplicity by 57 ] Adriamycin is a potent anticancer drug that is used for treating both hematologic and solid tumors, although severe cardiomyopathy[] […] can be readily differentiated from idiopathic steatorrhea by the low percentage of split fat in the stools associated with the former and the normal percentage characterizing[]

  • Gaucher Disease

    This therapy can help reduce abnormalities in the bone, decrease liver and spleen size and reverse some abnormal blood counts.[] The inability to catabolize GL-3 can lead to renal failure, cardiomyopathy, and cerebrovascular accidents. The estimated incidence of Fabry disease is 1 in 40,000 males.[] […] hypobetalipoproteinemia and accumulation of apolipoprotein b-like protein in intestinal cells, deficient blood apolipoproteins, and avitaminosis e manifested by malnutrition, steatorrhea[]

  • Propionic Acidemia

    […] failure and metabolic liver disease. [10], [11] The rationale of APOLT in these patients is to provide a segment of the liver with normal enzyme activity to correct the underlying[] Cardiomyopathy is a frequent complication in propionic acidemia. It is mostly rapidly fatal and independent of the metabolic control or medical intervention.[] Chronic diarrhea: -Bile acid disorders -Infantile Refsum disease -Respiratory chain disorders asso with steatorrhea -Vitamin deficiency osteopenia -Hypocholesterolemia c.[]

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