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352 Possible Causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Spastic Paralysis, Sudden Death

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Abstract A 47-year-old chronic alcoholic with acute onset of spastic bulbar paralysis and quadriparesis with recovery has been reported.[] death of traumatic or neurological origin.[] Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease and can lead to sudden death from a heart attack.[]

  • Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis

    In some patients, a leptomeningeal form that include ataxia, spastic paralysis, seizures, dementia and visual disturbances as most important symptoms may be seen.[] Major events include progressive heart failure and sudden death due to arrhythmia. The documents contained in this web site are presented for information purposes only.[] tunnel syndrome (often appears years before heart disease) Heart disease (restrictive cardiomyopathy) Carpal tunnel syndrome (often appears years before heart disease) Common[]

  • Amyloidosis

    Symptoms include transient ischemic attack, cerebral infarction or hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, ataxia, spastic paralysis, convulsion, and dementia.[] Sudden deaths attributable to cardiac amyloidosis outside the operating room are not uncommon. 1,2,4–7 Between 1982 and 1986, 810 patients who had sudden cardiac deaths underwent[] The main clinical findings were cardiac failure (76%), cardiac conduction defects/arrhythmia (59%), renal dysfunction (49%), carpal tunnel syndrome (45%) and spinal canal[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    They will also present with symptoms associated with hindbrain dysfunction, such as stridor, apnea, vocal cord paralysis, poor feeding, and spasticity of the upper extremities[] Neurological and vascular complications of Arnold-Chiari malformation treated with ventriculoatrial shunting may result in sudden or unexpected death.[] A meticulous history and physical examination should be performed on patients with presumed carpal tunnel syndrome with an atypical onset of symptoms or response to therapy[]

  • Paraplegia

    To any one interested in the physiologic implications of lesions of the spinal cord and the general problem of spastic paralysis few subjects can be more fascinating.[] Left untreated, the patients' prognosis is dismal, since the internal bleeding of the rupture brings about sudden death.[] The main diagnoses were rotator cuff tears for individuals with shoulder pain, epicondylitis for those with elbow pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome for those with wrist pain[]

  • Cervical Cord Compression

    […] spasms) Numbness Sensory changes Pain Weakness, paralysis Difficulty breathing because of weakness of the abdominal, diaphragm, or intercostal (rib) muscles CERVICAL (NECK[] death.[] Any local condition around the wrist joint that decreases the size of the carpal tunnel will also predispose to carpal tunnel syndrome.[]

  • Encephalitis

    Severe disease is characterized by rapid onset of high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, seizures, spastic paralysis and ultimately death.[] Asystole is a rare complication of focal seizures, but it is concerning, given its hypothesized link to sudden unexplained death in epilepsy (SUDEP).[] […] neuralgia - شلل بل - Thoracic outlet syndrome - Phantom limb - Mononeuropathy ( Carpal tunnel syndrome, Meralgia paraesthetica, Tarsal tunnel syndrome ) Polyneuropathies[]

  • Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

    But when the spinal cord is injured, paralysis may progress weeks later to involuntary, prolonged muscle spasms (called spastic paralysis).[] Preventing Sudden Death in Sport and Physical Activity . Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning; 2012:129-126.[] Symptoms of a C6 Level Spinal Cord Injury Patients with spinal cord tissue or nerve damage near the C6 vertebra often experience a false case of carpal tunnel syndrome.[]

  • Leptomeningeal TTR Amyloidosis

    Protein accumulation in this tissue can cause stroke and cerebral hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, ataxia, rigidity and spastic paralysis, seizures , and dementia.[] Digoxin binds to amyloid fibrils and can lead to locally high levels; it also must be used with caution. [22] Given the high incidence of sudden death in patients with TTR[] tunnel syndrome, systemic senile amyloidosis, and leptomeningeal amyloidosis with amyloid in the walls of leptomeningeal vessels, in pia arachnoid, and subpial region.[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Infantile-onset ascending hereditary spastic paralysis is associated with mutations in the alsin gene. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 71, 518–527 (2002). 52. Chen, Y.Z. et al.[] tunnel syndrome), but absent in peripheral neuropathy ALS has normal sensory studies on EMG/NCS Treatment Nonoperative currently no cure or effective treatment goals of treatment[] TDP-43 transgenic mice develop spastic paralysis and neuronal inclusions characteristic of ALS and frontotemporal lobar degeneration.[]

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