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13 Possible Causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Vertigo, Wide Pulse Pressure

  • Osteitis Deformans

    With the defeat of the bones in the wrist area can develop carpal tunnel syndrome. The disease is accompanied by certain metabolic disorders.[] Brain compression results in ataxia or dementia, while cranial nerve VII compression leads to deafness and vertigo.[] Changes in the skull may lead to inner ear damage, resulting in deafness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) , or impaired balance (vertigo).[]

  • Acromegaly

    On examination, her blood pressure was 130/70 mm/Hg, pulse 80/min, weight 214 pounds and body mass index 34.0.[] Adults with acromegaly are known to be at risk for a condition known as the carpal tunnel syndrome.[] I started to develop what my doctors thought was vertigo. I was dizzy a lot, depressed, horrible headaches and tired.[]

  • Hypotension

    An accurate diagnosis must be based on repeated evaluation of blood pressure and pulse rate after you have been lying down for at least five minutes and then after you stand[] tunnel syndrome; cardiomyopathy; diarrhea; weight loss Fat aspirate; rectal or gingival biopsy for amyloid deposits; genetic testing for hereditary amyloidosis; serum and[] Due to deterioration of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus in the right ear the patient was referred to the additional neuroradiological examination which confirmed the diagnosis[]

  • Renal Arteriovenous Fistula

    The physical manifestations of this would be a relatively normal systolic blood pressure with a decreased diastolic blood pressure resulting in a wide pulse pressure .[] tunnel syndrome.[] […] with leakage of perilymph into the inner ear, so that changes in middle ear pressure directly affect the inner ear, causing sensorineural deafness as well as dizziness, vertigo[]

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    23,24 The patient's age, systolic blood pressure, and pulse rate and the presence of comorbidities are used for scoring. 23 Patients with a score of 0 should be considered[] Tunnel Syndrome Childhood Pneumonia Chronic Wound Infection Clubbing Compliance and Medication Adherence Death Deep Vein Thrombosis Delirium Dementia Depression Diabetes,[] This assessment tool, which predicts the patient's outcome and estimates rebleeding risk, is the most widely used scoring system and has been validated by several studies.[]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    The one most widely used is Propranolol, either 10 or 40 mg two or three times a day, according to need.[] tunnel syndrome Treatment for hypothyroidism Levothyroxine sodium tablets (aka Synthroid) can be taken once a day as a replacement hormone to help regulate thyroid levels[] Side effects include rash, hair loss , vertigo, jaundice, aplastic anemia, lupus-like syndrome, and hepatitis. 2.[]

  • Eye Defects - Arachnodactyly - Cardiopathy Syndrome

    Investigations: Bedside tests: Electrocardiogram , blood pressure for wide pulse pressure, temperature/fundoscopy/dipstick (for infective endocarditis).[] […] hemiparaplegia and hyperaesthesia, with ipsilateral loss of stereognosis and contralateral hemianaesthesia; due to unilateral spinal cord lesion carpal tunnel syndrome pain[] Migrainous Vertigo Migrainous vertigo is a term used to describe episodic vertigo in patients with a history of migraines or with other clinical features of migraine.[]

  • Congenital Digital Clubbing

    […] and/or measure blood pressure in upper and lower extremities Palpate for loud heart sounds, parasternal heave, apical impulse and thrill.[] Tunnel Syndrome Childhood Pneumonia Chronic Wound Infection Clubbing Compliance and Medication Adherence Death Deep Vein Thrombosis Delirium Dementia Depression Diabetes,[] Auscultate for abnormal (ie. single or widely split S2) and extra heart sounds and murmurs (Grade, timing, location, radiation, intensity and maneuvers) Signs of heart failure[]

  • Hashitoxicosis

    You may see a wide or high pulse pressure. Pulse pressure is normally around 40mmHg. Eg: 120/80 40, enlarged thyroid gland, exophthalmos (protruding eyes).[] tunnel syndrome Constipation the more hypo we become, the more severe this becomes Decreased body temperature Depression which worse if patient moves into myxedema coma Dry[] […] vomiting, epigastric distress, arthralgia, paresthesias, loss of taste, taste perversion, abnormal loss of hair, myalgia, headache, pruritus, drowsiness, neuritis, edema, vertigo[]

  • Bilateral Leg Weakness

    Figure5: Peripheralart Pulse-volume recording waveforms.[] tunnel syndrome cervical myelopathy cervical spine fracture clavicle fracture clubfoot, congenital compartment syndrome compression fracture compression injury of nerve congenital[] […] loss, usually gradual — although in some cases sudden — and occurring on only one side or more pronounced on one side Ringing (tinnitus) in the affected ear Dizziness or vertigo[]

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