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88 Possible Causes for Cat Scratch Fever, Leprosy

  • Erythema Nodosum

    Behcet's Syndrome Brucellosis Campylobacter Cat-Scratch Fever Chlamydia Coccidioidomycosisimportant in the south-west USA Corynebacterium diphtheria Crohn's Disease Dermatophytosis[] […] and Leprosy Research, Cebu, Philippines. 6 Department of Family Medicine, Suisse Clinic, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 7 Department of Medicine, The Leprosy Mission Hospital, Purulia[] ) Cat scratch diseaseAutoimmune disorders, includingInflammatory bowel disease (IBD): about 15% of patients develop erythema nodosum.[]

  • Eczema

    INTRODUCTION: Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a multisystem disorder of unknown etiology and characterized by accumulation of histiocytes in various tissues. CASE REPORT: A 3-year-old, previously healthy girl presented with progressive flattening of the parietal convexity for 6 months and seborrheic eczema[…][]

  • Rhinoscleroma

    scratch fever ) · Bartonella quintana ( Trench fever ) · either henselae or quintana ( Bacillary angiomatosis ) β Neisseriales M Neisseria meningitidis/meningococcus ( Meningococcal[] Leprosy and Rhinoscleroma: A Rare Case of Concurrence, Arch Clin Infect Dis. 2019 ; 14(1):e63233. doi: 10.5812/archcid.63233 .[] ( Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis , Human monocytic ehrlichiosis ) Rhizobiales Brucellaceae Brucella ( Brucellosis ) Bartonellaceae Bartonellosis : Bartonella henselae ( Cat[]

  • Skin Infection

    Treponema species cause syphilis , yaws and pinta Bartonella species cause cat scratch fever , bacillary angiomatosis and bartonellosis Mycobacterium species cause tuberculosis[] Bacterial Skin Infections Leprosy Leprosy is caused by a slow-growing type of bacteria called Mycobacteriumleprae (M. leprae).[] Treponema species cause syphilis, yaws and pinta Bartonella species cause cat scratch fever, bacillary angiomatosis, Carrion disease, and bartonellosis Mycobacterium species[]

  • Lupus Vulgaris

    scratch fever ) · Bartonella quintana ( Trench fever ) · either henselae or quintana ( Bacillary angiomatosis ) β Neisseriales M Neisseria meningitidis/meningococcus ( Meningococcal[] Leprosy and tuberculosis (TB) both are still rampant in India.[] […] simultaneous occurrence with leprosy is uncommon.[]

  • Tropical Phagedenic Ulcer

    Glanders, tularemia, brucellosis, cat scratch fever 77.[] […] stage with indolent, non-purulent ulceration Differential diagnosis Leishmaniasis; bacterial pyoderma; pyoderma gangrenosum; cutaneous diphtheria; gummatous syphilis; yaws; leprosy[] Kikuchis disease and Kimura disease Kingella infection Laryngotracheobronchitis Legionellosis Leishmaniasis cutaneous Leishmaniasis mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis visceral Leprosy[]

  • Granulomatous Hepatitis

    Schistosomiasis Toxocariasis (Tongueworm, strongyloidasis, ascariasis, leishmaniasis) * Viral (Mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus infection, lymphogranuloma venereum, psittacosis, cat-scratch[] Other causes included leprosy, sarcoidosis, histoplasmosis, brucellosis, amoebic liver abscess, lymphoma and malignant granuloma. 12 percent of cases remained undiagnosed.[] , syphilis, cat-scratch fever).[]

  • Lymphadenitis

    Neck stiffness is a common symptoms with cervical lymph node enlargement and often seen in infectious mononucleosis and cat scratch fever.[] Abstract A 35-year-old man was diagnosed with tuberculous lymphadenitis and multibacillary borderline tuberculoid leprosy.[] Investigator at the Leprosy Laboratory, Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VIII PhD. Professor of Dermatology.[]

  • Vomiting

    We present a rare case of a 36-year-old human immunodeficiency virus negative male patient, who was on multidrug therapy for lepromatous leprosy and was treated for type 2[] If a Persian has the leprosy he is not allowed to enter into a city, or to have any dealings with the other Persians; he must, they say, have sinned against the sun.[] If someone suffers from any kind of leprosy ( léprēn ḕleúkēn ), he is forbidden to enter the town or even to come into contact with other people.[]

  • Zoonosis

    Direct contact transmission can occur through bites or scratches such as in the cases of rabies and cat scratch fever.[] As the New York Times reports, leprosy is a “wimp of a pathogen."[] Other diseases, such as leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis (bilharzia) and soil-transmitted helminthiases, affect only some countries of the Region or are of low[]

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