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55 Possible Causes for Cat Scratch Fever, Loss of Appetite, Patient Appears Acutely Ill

  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Typical feature of the disease is persistent low grade fever, hence the name cat scratch fever.[] Other common symptoms may include: Malaise Aching Loss of appetite (anorexia) Fever Headache Atypical CSD Bacillary angiomatosis is a syndrome that is most often seen in immunocompromised[] The osteolysis associated with cat-scratch fever resembles more ominous conditions.[]

  • Bacillary Angiomatosis

    Cat scratch fever Trench fever Angiomatosis[] In general, systemic BA may be associated with fever, chills, night sweats, weakness, loss of appetite, anorexia and subsequent weight loss.[] Multiple cutaneous nodular lesions together with fever, chills, malaise, anorexia, vomiting and headache are the most important clinical manifestations.[]

  • Hepatitis B

    Offers new coverage of the treatment options for ruptured or complicated appendicitis · hepato-splenic "cat scratch" fever · periodic fever with ulcer · pharyngitis ·[] During the incubation period and during the acute phase of the illness, surface antigen-antibody complexes may be found in the sera of some patients.[] The hepatitis B virus can cause: Acute (short-term) illness, the symptoms of which are flu-like and include loss of appetite, tiredness, joint and muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting[]

  • Bartonella Infection

    Human diseases that have been identified to be caused by one of the Bartonella bacteria include; cat scratch fever (Bartonella henselae), Carrion’s disease (Bartonella bacilliformis[] […] several hours or even days with combative behaviour following Prolonged fever (of more than 4 weeks duration)not exceeding 39ºC associated with malaise, listlessness, and anorexia[] Patients we observed with acute symptomatic bartonellosis typically developed a systemic illness characterized by fever, malaise, pallor, anorexia, hepatomegaly, lymphadenopathy[]

  • Sennetsu Fever

    cat-scratch fever syndrome Fever River Related terms fervent fervid fervor Translations higher than normal body temperature Arabic: حُمَّة f ‎ ( ḥumma ), حُمَّى f ‎ ( ḥummā[] In some cases, affected individuals may also experience nausea, vomiting, and/or loss of appetite (anorexia).[] Symptoms - Sennetsu Fever * Sudden high fever * Headache * Muscle ache * Nausea * Vomiting * Loss of appetite * Reduced white blood cell count * Increased liver enzyme level[]

  • Herpes Simplex Encephalitis

    Bacterial causes: tuberculosis (TB), mycoplasma, listeria, Lyme disease, Bartonella henselae (cat scratch fever), leptospira, brucella, legionella, neurosyphilis, all causes[] The clinical picture includes seizures, loss of appetite, weakness, and lethargy, along with irritability and tremors. Lesions on the skin may also be observed.[] She described a loss of appetite for 6 weeks but had no headache, fever, rash, pleuritic chest pain or shortness of breath suggestive of a lupus flare.[]

  • Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

    scratch disease Angle of the jaw; axilla, neck Child or preteen; any Relatively soft and tender; relatively soft and tender 1 sq. cm; 1 cm Fever, sore throat, tonsillar exudate[] […] of appetite (anorexia) Abdominal pain that interferes with sleep Your lymph nodes play a vital role in your body's ability to fight off illness.[] […] of appetite Abdominal pain with changes in bowel habits and interferes with sleep Causes of mesenteric lymphadenitis Mesenteric lymphadenitis is caused by occurrences of[]

  • Q Fever

    Two cases here reported had lymphadenitis resembling cat scratch disease, a syndrome that has been not frequently linked to C. burnetii infections 11,12.[] Seroconversion typically occurs 7–15 days after symptoms appear, and 90% of patients seroconvert by the third week of illness.[] The onset may be gradual but generally is sudden, and the disease is ushered in by fever, chills or chilly sensations, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite, disorientation[]

  • Ehrlichiosis

    Bartonellosis, cat-scratch disease, trench fever, human ehrlichiosis. In: Farrar J, Hotez PJ, Junghanss T, Kang G, Lalloo D, White NJ, eds.[] Fifty-two year old patient was admitted to hospital due to high fever of over 40 degrees C that lasted two days, accompanied with chills, muscle aches, malaise, loss of appetite[] Early signs and symptoms (the first 5 days of illness) are usually mild or moderate and may include: Fever, chills Severe headache Muscle aches Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss[]

  • Nonallergic Interstitial Nephritis

    Non-parasitic infestations such as: Aspergillosis Brucellosis Chlamydial lung infection Acute coccidiomycosis Cat-scratch fever Infectious mononucleosis Mycobacterial infections[] , thinning of the hair increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight irritability lack of appetite lack of interest or pleasure lack or loss of strength redness or other discoloration[] Possible side effects include high blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite, heart pounding (palpitations), anxiety and restlessness. Decongestant nasal sprays.[]

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