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819 Possible Causes for Cataract, Genu Valgum

  • Marfan Syndrome

    Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery is an effective approach for cataract surgery in patients with Marfan syndrome with mild, moderate, and even severe lens subluxation[] Combined cataract surgery of an ectopic lens was performed on a 10 years old girl with Marfan-syndrome.[] Finally, blindness may result from unrecognized and untreated glaucoma, retinal detachment, and cataracts.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    valgum, waddling gait, and laxity of joints.[] Abstract A 16-year-old boy with widening of the large joints of the extremities and bilateral genu valgum had been extensively treated with oral vitamin D, with little clinical[] valgum, short stature, spinal curvature, odontoid hypoplasia, ligamentous laxity, and atlantoaxial instability MPS IV (mild) – Much slower progression of skeletal dysplasia[]

  • Homocystinuria

    The patient had a past medical history significant for joint hypermobility, arthritis, bilateral cataracts, unilateral hearing loss, anemia, frequent urinary tract infections[] Skeletal changes include genu valgum and pes cavus, followed by dolichostenomelia, pectus excavatum or carinatum and kyphosis, or scoliosis and osteoporosis.[] […] retardation, thromboembolic events, downward dislocation of the lens Treatment : High doses of vitamin B6 Complications : Thromboembolic events (strokes) at any age Osteoporosis Cataract[]

  • Alpha-Mannosidosis

    […] may also have ataxia, myopathy, delayed development of motor skills, speech difficulties, increased risk of infections, hepatosplenomegaly, hydrocephalus, hearing loss and cataracts[] Epiphyseal arthrodesis, for instance, is generally recommended to reduce the consequences of genu valgum.[] […] large head, protruding forehead, low hairline, rounded eyebrows, large ears, flattened bridge of the nose, protruding jaw, widely spaced teeth, overgrown gums, large tongue, cataracts[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia-Hypotrichosis Syndrome

    The ectodermal traits are clearly seen as trichodysplasia, onychodysplasia, skin manifestations, and nuclear cataract.[] valgum Limitation of joint mobility Macroorchidism Strabismus Hypotelorism Abnormality of the abdominal wall Abnormality of the thyroid gland Prematurely aged appearance[] The patients of SMS have a short trunk, dwarfism, a striking barrel-shaped chest, sternal protrusion, kyphoscoliosis, and various distal deformities, including genu valgum[]

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    […] problem since, in addition to requiring corrective lenses, myopia poses substantially increased risk of retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration, amblyopia and cataracts[] However, severe vitamin D deficiency may manifest as rickets with the below clinical features: Bony Signs - Swelling of wrists and ankles - Leg deformities (genu varum or[] valgum) - Rachitic rosary in the chest wall ( enlarged costochondral joints) - Delayed tooth eruption (no incisors by aged 10 months, no molars by age 18 months) - Craniotabes[]

  • X-Linked Syndromic Mental Retardation Type Armfield

    […] syndromic X-linked intellectual disability characterized by intellectual disability, short stature, seizures, and small hands and feet and in some cases cleft palate or cataracts[]

  • Nail-Patella Syndrome

    In addition, cataracts and microcornea could develop.[] Other features include: scoliosis genu valgum deformity (due to asymmetrical development of the femoral condyles) flared iliac crests open angle glaucoma 6 prominent tibial[] Subjects with achondroplasia can develop genu valgum thought to be the result of ligamentous laxity.[]

  • Pseudohypoparathyroidism

    Therefore, the cataract surgeon should be aware of these conditions before removing the lens.[] valgum, coxa vara, cubitus valgus); and anomalies of the hands and feet, particularly short metacarpal and metatarsal bones of the …[] RESULTS: Compared with controls, patients with PHP had an increased risk of neuropsychiatric disorders (P 0·01), infections (P 0·01), seizures (P 0·01) and cataract (P 0·01[]

  • Turner Syndrome

    They are at risk for health difficulties such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes, cataracts, osteoporosis, and thyroid problems.[] valgum on AP of knees Treatment Nonoperative monitor for osteoporosis Please rate topic.[] […] health problems: Keloid formation Hearing loss High blood pressure Diabetes Thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) Widening of the aorta and narrowing of the aortic valve Cataracts[]

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