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298 Possible Causes for Cataract, Livedo Reticularis, Pulmonary Embolism

  • Anticardiolipin Antibody Syndrome

    Clots that travel to the lungs can cause a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries ( pulmonary embolism ).[] reticularis, is sometimes known as Sneddon syndrome cutaneous manifestations (e.g. livedo reticularis, livedo racemosa) thoracic manifestations pulmonary manifestations ([] If a blood clot forms in the arms or legs, it may travel to the lungs ( pulmonary embolism ), brain (stroke) or heart ( heart attack ).[]

  • Cushing's Disease

    Cushing's syndrome can also lead to other health problems, such as high blood pressure , type 2 diabetes , glaucoma , and cataracts .[] CN cranial nerve; DVT deep venous thrombosis; PE pulmonary embolism.[] Glaucoma and cataracts also may occur in Cushing's syndrome.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    The patient had a past medical history significant for joint hypermobility, arthritis, bilateral cataracts, unilateral hearing loss, anemia, frequent urinary tract infections[] reticularis Atrophic scars on arms and hands Telangiectasia What causes homocystinuria?[] Ventilation-perfusion scan indicated multiple pulmonary embolisms (PE) in both lungs.[]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    The most frequent forms of damage were cataracts (11.9%), and avascular necrosis (unilateral and bilateral combined 10.2%).[] Her initial laboratory investigations showed highly elevated d-dimer test results but confirmatory investigations for pulmonary embolism proved otherwise.[] […] syndrome antiphospholipid antibodies livedo reticularis pregnancy morbidity Livedo reticularis was included in the original clinical description of the antiphospholipid syndrome[]

  • Iatrogenic Cushing's Disease

    Roters S, Aspacher F, Diestelhorst M (1996) The influence of dexamethasone 0.1% eye drops on plasma cortisol and ACTH concentrations after cataract surgery.[] embolism Pulmonary examination Pulmonary function testing Pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale Purines and pyrimidines Pyelonephritis Pyogenic liver abscess Quality and[] Systemic and local side effects include hypertension, Cushing's syndrome, hypothalamopituitary-adrenal axis suppression, failure to thrive, glaucoma, cataract, skin atrophy[]

  • Churg-Strauss Syndrome

    Side effects of corticosteroids include bone loss, high blood sugar, weight gain, cataracts and hard-to-treat infections. Other immunosuppressive drugs.[] In our patient, pulmonary embolism was totally asymptomatic and was unexpectedly diagnosed on a thoracic CT scan.[] reticularis, urticaria, necrotic bullae and digital ischaemia.[]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Surgically induced scleritis is a rare complication following ophthalmologic surgery such as cataract surgery, pterygium excision, strabismus surgery, and retinal detachment[] embolism would be appropriate in the care of hospitalized patients with RA. 12 Other factors may contribute to accelerated atherosclerosis and a higher incidence of ischemic[] Since she had manifestations of livedo reticularis, and liver dysfunction which was atypical for RA patients, a percutaneous needle liver biopsy was performed revealing arteritis[]

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

    We conducted a 3-year study of siblings of AAA probands and siblings of a control group (cataract surgery patients) of the same age.[] Multiple pulmonary artery embolisms were also noted.[] Atheroemboli from small abdominal aortic aneurysms produce livedo reticularis of feet (ie, blue toe syndrome).[]

  • Sneddon's Syndrome

    […] epilepsy Hutterite cerebroosteonephrodysplasia syndrome Ayazi syndrome Male pseudohermaphroditism due to defective LH molecule Omenn syndrome Early-onset anterior polar cataract[] embolism, recurrent joint stiffness with non-specific musculoskeletal symptoms, recurrent migrainous headaches and skin rash in the form of livedo reticularis and erythema[] A patient with widespread livedo reticularis and transient cerebral ischaemia (Sneddon's syndrome) is described.[]

  • Arterial Embolism

    Two weeks prior to her presentation, her warfarin was held in anticipation for cataract surgery.[] E.g. blue toe syndrome, retinal ischemia, renal failure, livedo reticularis, and intestinal infarction What are the Signs and Symptoms of Arterial Embolism?[] Along with clinical examination and laboratory tests, imaging plays a key role in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism.[]

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