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4,845 Possible Causes for Cataract, Mild Diffuse Alopecia, Palmar Hyperlinearity

  • Ichthyosis Vulgaris

    PLATANUS OCCIDENTALIS 30 —Platanus occidentalis is prescribed for X linked ichthyosis with corneal opacity and cataract .[] The main characteristics of IV are fine-scale on the arms and legs, palmar hyperlinearity, and keratosis pilaris.[] Abstract Ichthyosis vulgaris (IV) is the most common hereditary disorder of cornification in humans, characterized by generalized fine scaling of the skin, palmar hyperlinearity[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia
  • Atopic Dermatitis

    After routine cataract surgery, the anterior subcapsular cataractous tissue was obtained as an anterior capsulorhexis flap and prepared as a wholemount for histological analysis[] Among patients, reduced level of monomeric filaggrin and NMF correlated with the presence of FLG mutations and clinical phenotypes such as xerosis, palmar hyperlinearity and[] […] children Flexure lichenification in older children and adults Minor features Eyes Cataracts (anterior subcapsular) Keratoconus Infraorbital folds affected Facial pallor Palmar[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia
  • Ichthyosis

    Transglutaminase activity in normal human lenses and senile cataract. Ann Clin Lab Sci 1995; 25 : 236–240.[] Palms and soles show accentuated creases and when affecting the palms this sign is referred to as palmar hyperlinearity or as “ichthyosis palms”.[] In a third in which the mother had cataracts and ichthyosis, two of her female children had cataracts.[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia
  • Atopic Cataract

    […] and 15 consecutive eyes from 15 senile cataract patients.[] We found a statistically significant correlation between minor criteria of AD like palmar hyperlinearity and combination of xerosis and Dennie-Morgan fold and the presence[] […] children Flexure lichenification in older children and adults Minor features Eyes Cataracts (anterior subcapsular) Keratoconus Infraorbital folds affected Facial pallor Palmar[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia
  • Congenital Non-Bullous Ichthyosiform Erythroderma ARCI2

    Clinical characteristics are congenital generalized ichthyosis, vacuolated leukocytes, hepatomegaly, myopathy, cataracts, neurosensory hearing loss and developmental delay[] hyperlinearity were observed.[] Pruritus is often severe; presence of atopic epicanthal fold of the lower eyelid and atopic cataract are other clues for diagnosis of erythroderma due to atopic dermatitis[]

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    On physical examination as an adult, we observed diffuse non-scarring alopecia on the scalp, onychodystrophy (pachyonychia) in all 20 nails, dental decay, mild dysphonia,[] Myotonic MD is the disorder's most common adult form and is typified by prolonged muscle spasms, cataracts, cardiac abnormalities, and endocrine disturbances.[] Side effects may include weight gain. 4 Long-term use may result in brittle bones, cataracts, and high blood pressure.[]

    Missing: Palmar Hyperlinearity
  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Considering this, we reviewed the principles and guidelines of managing cataract in patients with diabetes.[] DIAGNOSES: The diagnoses of Diabetic cataracts, Type 1 diabetes and Diabetic retinopathy was made.[] Although acute diabetic cataracts are rarely encountered in clinical practice today, any rapidly maturing bilateral cortical cataracts in a child or young adult should alert[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia Palmar Hyperlinearity
  • Diabetic Cataract

    Various visual disturbances may be noted in diabetic cataract, and the diagnosis requires a slit-lamp examination.[] RESULTS: Six patients (1%) needed cataract surgery.[] Abstract Cataract--opacification of the lens--is closely related to diabetes as one of its major late complications.[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia Palmar Hyperlinearity
  • Radiation-induced Cataract

    cataract, outside the zone; all risk factors for the development of cataract were considered: age, sex, diference in profession, duration of occupational exposure, years[] A study was initiated to examine the lenses of the eyes of astronauts/cosmonauts to detect signs of radiation-induced cataracts.[] BACKGROUND: Interventional cardiologists (ICs) are exposed to X-rays and may be at risk to develop cataract earlier than common senile cataract.[]

    Missing: Mild Diffuse Alopecia Palmar Hyperlinearity
  • Uncombable Hair Syndrome

    A 7-year-old female presented with messy, difficult to manage scalp hair and mild, diffuse alopecia.[] The relationship to a previously described syndrome of uncombable hair in combination with retinal dystrophy, juvenile cataract, and brachydactyly, in which both hair and[] Several conditions are associated with uncombable hair, such as ectodermal dysplasia, retinal dysplasia/ pigmentary dystrophy, juvenile cataract, digit abnormalities, tooth[]

    Missing: Palmar Hyperlinearity

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