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10 Possible Causes for Cataract, Monocyte Count Increased, Plasma Fibrinogen Increased

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    […] taking prednisone for long periods of time, these effects can be significant, including weight gain (especially around the face and trunk), moodiness, sleep disturbances, cataracts[] In conclusion, the increased risk of thrombosis in patients with renal failure is related to changes in the coagulation cascade with increased levels of fibrinogen and plasma[] […] levels of plasma fibrinogen, d -dimer and plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1 [ 62 ].[]

  • Temporal Arteritis

    However, long term use can lead to complications including high blood pressure, cataracts and glaucoma. In this case, the benefits far out-weigh the risks.[] Muscle weakness, cataracts and skin bruising also can occur with corticosteroid use. See your doctor often to check for side effects.[] These include cataracts, bruising of skin, weight gain, and osteoporosis from cortisone medications.[]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Surgically induced scleritis is a rare complication following ophthalmologic surgery such as cataract surgery, pterygium excision, strabismus surgery, and retinal detachment[] Prothrombotic state RA is associated with increased plasma levels of fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, and plasminogen activator inhibitor 1, producing a prothrombotic state[] Steroids do have side effects, such as easy bruising, bone thinning, cataracts, and diabetes. Anti-rheumatic medicines can help treat RA.[]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    The most frequent forms of damage were cataracts (11.9%), and avascular necrosis (unilateral and bilateral combined 10.2%).[] Posterior subcapsular cataracts and secondary open-angle glaucoma are common AE of the prolonged GC administration.[] Side effects of corticosteroids include weight gain, thinning of the bones and skin, infection, diabetes, facial puffiness, cataracts, and death (necrosis) of the tissues[]

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma

    People who undergo radiation or who are on long-term steroid therapy have an increased risk for cataracts.[]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Effect modifiers such as cataract were not controlled. Future studies could look at the clinical/radiological spectrum of PTB cases associated with POTB.[] Hypercoagulability in tuberculosis is attributed to decreased antithrombin lll and protein C, elevated plasma fibrinogen level, increased platelet aggregation and reactive[] Ownership interest investor J James Rowsey, MD Former Director of Corneal Services, St Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute J James Rowsey, MD is a member of the following[]

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Consultants John D Sheppard Jr, MD, MMSc is a member of the following medical societies: American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society for Microbiology, American Society of Cataract[] Mice with sublethal infection manifested an acute-phase reaction (e.g., increased plasma fibrinogen) and release of endothelial cell contents (e.g., von Willebrand factor)[] […] generation of thrombin, decreased levels of factor VII, increased factor V procoagulant activity, decreased prekallikrein and tissue plasminogen activator activity, and increased[]

  • Puerperium

    A longitudinal study of leucocyte blood counts and lymphocyte responses in pregnancy: a marked early increase of monocyte-lymphocyte ratio.[] Surgery -- like LASIK or cataract surgery -- can stretch your eyelid. An eye tumor can cause ptosis, too. How Is It Treated?[] However, increased factor VII activity and plasma fibrinogen level have been associated with risks of thrombosis [ 24, 25 ].[]

  • Streptococcus Pyogenes

    count of 3.8   109/L.[] In this case of delayed Streptococcus pyogenes endophthalmitis after extracapsular cataract extraction.[] Clotting assays showed that neither SfbX(1-312) nor a mixture of SfbX(1-312) and prethrombin 1 clotted human fibrinogen or plasma.[]

  • Air Pollution

    Total leucocyte, monocyte and platelet counts, PT, and aPTT were unaltered following dilute diesel exhaust and filtered air ( Table 2 ).[] […] other child and adult health problems, including low birth-weight, perinatal mortality, asthma, otitis media (or middle ear infection), tuberculosis, nasopharyngeal cancer, cataracts[] Thrombosis and Coagulation Early reports indicated that increased plasma viscosity 144 and elevated concentrations of fibrinogen 146 are associated with short-term changes[]

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