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2,295 Possible Causes for caudal

  • Sinusitis

    After the heart tube and pericardium have rotated from the cranial position to lie anteriorly, the notochord, which is initially in the caudal region of the embryonic disc[]

  • Sunburn

    Flg promoter deletion and chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis showed that caudal type homeo box transcription factor 1 (Cdx1) was a key factor for Flg induction.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    The cranial and caudal endplates were identified and manually attenuated.[] Cranial-Caudal variation in trabecular bone volume fraction and shell thickness.[] Measures of vertebral body height (cranial-caudal distance on ventral surface), vertebral body width and depth (measured on the cranial endplate) were made of each specimen[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    […] showed a huge well circumscribed retroperitoneal mass in the right abdomen, originating from the right adrenal gland, displacing the liver medially and the right kidney caudally[]

  • Meningitis

    Furthermore, because CSF cytology may manifest a rostra-caudal disassociation, consecutive negative cytologies (defined as a complete response to treatment) requires confirmation[] The male's tail lacks a caudal bursa. Transmission to humans occurs indirectly through copepods and vertebrates, which act as intermediate hosts.[]

  • Caudal Regression Sequence

    Description Caudal dysplasia is also known as sacral agenesis, sacral regression, caudal aplasia, caudal regression sequence, or sirenomelia.[] Abstract Caudal regression sequence (CRS) is a rare congenital defect of the lower spinal segments and the neural tube.[] Genetic counseling Most cases of caudal regression are sporadic or associated with maternal diabetes.[]

  • Malpuech Syndrome

    T E Herman and M J Siegel , Human tail–caudal appendage: tethered cord , Journal of Perinatology , 28 , 7 , (518) , (2008) .[] Abstract We report on two Italian brothers with facial clefting, hypertelorism, urogenital anomalies including micropenis, shawl scrotum, hearing loss, caudal appendage, and[] In addition to the typical features of intrauterine growth retardation, facial dysmorphism, caudal appendage and patent ductus arteriosis, she has an unusual eyebrow pattern[]

  • Femoral Hypoplasia

    Abstract The Caudal Dysplasia syndrome and the Femoral Hypoplasia-Unusual Facies syndrome have been reported to be more frequent among infants of diabetic mothers.[] Medical College and Associated group of Hospitals, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. [email protected] Abstract The Caudal dysplasia syndrome (CDS) and the femoral hypoplasia-unusual[] The pathogenesis and natural history of FH/UFS is discussed and contrasted with the caudal dysplasia syndrome.[]

  • Sacrococcygeal Dysgenesis Association

    caudal partition of the spine. [1] It occurs at a rate of approximately one per 25,000 live births.[] Synonyms of Caudal Regression Syndrome caudal dysplasia caudal dysplasia caudal dysplasia sequence sacral agenesis, congenital sacral regression General Discussion Summary[] As an overlap of the anomalies encountered, the use of the term caudal regression syndrome may be reserved for those cases having only caudal spinal and spinal cord anomalies[]

  • Diabetic Embryopathy

    A maternal metabolic defect more subtle than hyperglycemia may cause the caudal dysplasia.[] We have shown that the basis for caudal growth deficiency is a gone dosage-correlated insult to the mesoderm.[] The propositus presented at birth with clinical manifestations consistent with diabetic embryopathy including anal atresia, caudal dysgenesis, and multicystic dysplastic kidneys[]

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