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2 Possible Causes for Caused by Mutation in the Cyclin O Gene

  • Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia 29

    Enid Gilbert-Barness, Raj P. Kapur, Luc Laurier Oligny, Joseph R. Siebert Elsevier Health Sciences, 27.04.2007 - 2444 Seiten This comprehensive reference addresses all aspects of fetal and neonatal pathology, including complicated pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, abortion, placental pathology, and disorders affecting[…][]

  • Familial Cylindromatosis

    High impact information on CYLD Mutations in the CYLD gene cause tumors of hair-follicle keratinocytes [6].[] Cyld-/- tumors and keratinocytes treated with 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13 acetate (TPA) or UV light are hyperproliferative and have elevated cyclin D1 levels [6].[]

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