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1,301 Possible Causes for CD27+ B Cells Decreased, Desbuquois Dysplasia, Poor Oral Hygiene

  • Periodontitis

    Gingivitis may result from poor oral hygiene, the use of certain medications, smoking, or certain illnesses.[] Among these CD27 B cells, the proportion of the switched memory subset was significantly higher.[] Causes of periodontitis include: Poor oral hygiene Diabetes AIDS Cancer Genetics Gum Disease Treatment If you are showing early signs of gum disease , it’s important to get[]

    Missing: Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Signs of vitamin deficiency Oral changes due to chronic alcohol use Changes found in the mouth often relate to nutritional deficiency or poor oral hygiene.[] The distribution of PB B-cell subsets (immature/regulatory, naïve, CD27(-) and CD27( ) memory B lymphocytes, and circulating plasmablasts of distinct immunoglobulin-Ig-isotypes[] RESULTS: Patients with AH showed significantly decreased numbers of total PB B lymphocytes (vs. controls and AWLD), at the expense of immature, memory, and, to a lesser extent[]

    Missing: Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Immunodeficiency Type 23

    […] resembling Desbuquois dysplasia.[] Two of the three children had skeletal anomalies resembling Desbuquois dysplasia: short stature, brachydactyly, dysmorphic facial features, and intellectual disability.[] Keywords: Bone marrow failure / Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation / Pgm3 / Severe combined immunodeficiency / whole‐exome sequencing / DESBUQUOIS‐LIKE DYSPLASIA Click here[]

    Missing: Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Gingivitis

    The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene.[] The condition is usually due to poor oral hygiene.[] Our study includes a large number of low-income participants with poor oral hygiene and a wide range of severities, and we were therefore able to quantitatively model bacterial[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Oral Candidiasis

    The use of prosthetics and poor oral hygiene in elderly patients predisposes to the development of oral candidiasis.[] Partially this may be due to poor oral hygiene, partially because more patients in this age group wear dentures and any foreign body in the mouth like this will provide more[] Smokers and denture-wearers with poor oral hygiene are at greater risk of developing chronic atrophic erythematous candidiasis.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Dental Caries

    oral hygiene, inappropriate methods of feeding infants, and poverty.[] All the patients had very poor oral hygiene and rampant dental caries.[] There is a century-old conflict on whether dental caries is caused by poor oral hygiene or poorly formed teeth (ie, teeth with dental defects).[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Gingivostomatitis

    Many patients develop the condition due to poor oral hygiene or physical contact with someone who has it. Physical contact is usually through a kiss.[] Gingivostomatitis in toddlers and elder children is typically a result of poor oral hygiene.[] It is more common in children and is often due to poor oral hygiene. Most infections of this nature are mild. But there are also severe cases that can be quite painful.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Mental Retardation

    CONCLUSION: The deteriorated teeth condition and deprived periodontal health of MR patients may be most likely caused by the poor oral hygiene and may be worsen with the severity[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Pyorrhea

    It can get significantly worse with increased stress, poor nutrition, poor oral hygiene, and loose poor fitting dentures.[] The cost of poor oral hygiene and neglect is something that can take a heavy toll in the form of money, time, and loss of teeth.[] There are numerous possible causes, toward which therapy is directed, including poor nutrition, poor oral hygiene, ill-fitting dentures, and irritation of the tissues by dental[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia
  • Lung Abscess

    Conclusion Lung abscess was found to be more common in adult men,and was significantly related to smoking.The other common risk factor was found to be poor oral hygiene,while[] oral hygiene - Are older and have difficulty swallowing - Are men (lung abscess cases are reported more frequently in male patients than in female patients) Lung abscesses[] The human mouth and gums contain large numbers of anaerobic bacteria; patients with periodontal disease or poor oral hygiene have higher concentrations of these organisms.[]

    Missing: CD27+ B Cells Decreased Desbuquois Dysplasia

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