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815 Possible Causes for Cellulitis, Mastoiditis

  • Pharyngitis

    The aim of this study has been to examine such common relations for cellulitis and pharyngitis.[] Most children with pharyngitis have benign, self-limited disease with infrequent complications such as peritonsillar abscess, mastoiditis, or lymphadenitis.[] ‘The great majority of cases begin as a tonsillitis or pharyngitis with occasional cases associated with mastoiditis, otitis media, parotitis, sinusitis and dental infections[]

  • Otitis Media

    […] an unusual case in which a 28-year-old woman presented with a long-standing history of ear discharge, hearing loss, facial weakness with ipsilateral facial swelling and cellulitis[] Patients underwent either intact canal wall (ICW) or canal wall down (CWD) mastoid surgery between 2005 and 2015.[] […] traheobronşită, infecţii ale tractului respirator superior, infecţii ale tractului urinar, infecţii virale hu Mellékhatások acarodermatitis, hörghurut, bronchopneumonia, cellulitis[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    IOI can clinically mimic many other orbital pathologies, some of which can be life-threatening, as in the case of orbital cellulitis.[] The potential for preventing complications, such as mastoiditis, may contribute, in part, to the clinical decision to use antibiotics for AOM.[] Cutaneous complications such as rash, cellulitis, and toxic shock syndrome may occur with group A streptococcus.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    The results of the rapid antigen detection test for GAS (Strep A) taken at the PHCC were compared with the occurrence of peritonsillar abscess (PTA) and peritonsillar cellulitis[] , which is an infection of the mastoid bone in the skull scarlet fever , which occurs when toxins created by the strep infection cause a scarlet-colored rash to develop on[] We describe a patient with congenital penoscrotal lymphedema complicated by cellulitis, lymphangitis, and severe sepsis associated with a streptococcal infection.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    She was commenced on flucloxacillin by the medical team for presumed cellulitis with minimal response.[] Tuberculosis involving mastoid and ear is an uncommon entity presenting with myriads of non-specific features and difficult to diagnose, being a paucibacillary condition.[] Preseptal cellulitis in children with spontaneous draining fistula may also occur.[]

  • Sinusitis

    We report the case of a 17-year-old boy who presented in a state of somnolence due to interhemispheric and infratentorial subdural empyema with preseptal cellulitis secondary[] Since sinusitis can lead to more serious infections in nearby tissues, such as the bones of the ear and mastoid or the brain, it is important that it be treated aggressively[] Eighty-three patients aged 9 days to 80 years had stage I (preseptal cellulitis, n 39 patients), II (postseptal orbital cellulitis, n 8), III (subperiosteal abscess, n 16)[]

  • Group A Beta-hemolytic Streptococcal Pharyngitis

    It is an important cause of pharyngitis, impetigo, cellulitis and necrotising fasciitis.[] Nonsuppurative complications Rheumatic fever Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis Suppurative complications Cervical lymphadenitis Peritonsillar or retropharyngeal abscess Sinusitis Mastoiditis[] ., peritonsillar abscess, mastoiditis) are more likely to occur after an untreated infection.[]

  • Mastoiditis

    cellulitis.[] Mastoiditis is a condition caracterized by infection of the mastoid bone. It is an inflammatory disease of the mucosal lining of the mastoid bone.[] This should be differentiated from other infections, such as parotitis, postauricular cellulitis, and lymphadenitis.[]

  • Otitis Externa

    Retro-auricular cellulitis associated with otitis externa is now the great mimicker of mastoiditis.[] Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid bone. Patients present with pain, swelling, and erythema over the mastoid bone.[] After a protracted course, disease can smolder and extend into the mastoid, skull base, dural sinuses, and intracranially.[]

  • Myiasis

    This produces a local inflammatory reaction, which may mimic cellulitis; however, definitive treatment requires removal of the botfly larvae.[] Maggots removed at surgery from the middle ear and mastoid.[] In the reported case, the patient was presented in an advanced stage of the infestation, with a large area of finger necrosis and amputation, associated with cellulitis extending[]

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