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724 Possible Causes for Cellulitis, Panniculitis

  • Streptococcal Infection

    The results of the rapid antigen detection test for GAS (Strep A) taken at the PHCC were compared with the occurrence of peritonsillar abscess (PTA) and peritonsillar cellulitis[] Erythema Nodosum : Erythema nodosum is an inflammatory reaction of the subcutaneous adipose tissue (panniculitis) that is sometimes associated with infections, including those[] We describe a patient with congenital penoscrotal lymphedema complicated by cellulitis, lymphangitis, and severe sepsis associated with a streptococcal infection.[]

  • Myiasis

    This produces a local inflammatory reaction, which may mimic cellulitis; however, definitive treatment requires removal of the botfly larvae.[] To report a case of facial myiasis and canthariasis in a patient known to have panniculitis due to systemic lupus erythematosus and autoimmune hemolytic anemia.[] In the reported case, the patient was presented in an advanced stage of the infestation, with a large area of finger necrosis and amputation, associated with cellulitis extending[]

  • Thigh Cellulitis

    We report here, for the first time to our knowledge, a retroperitoneal and thigh cellulitis secondary to colonic perforation due to toothpick ingestion.[] ( L93.2 ) panniculitis NOS ( M79.3 ) panniculitis of neck and back ( M54.0- ) Perlèche NOS ( K13.0 ) Perlèche due to candidiasis ( B37.0 ) Perlèche due to riboflavin deficiency[] I was worried about cellulitis? But there is no heat and he isn't particularly lame now? Probably not 100% but I would guess at only a 1/10 lame, possibly 2/10 at a push.[]

  • Cellulitis

    Secondary Cellulitis This form of cellulitis occurs due to infection in a patient already suffering from a temporary ailment.[] ( L93.2 ) panniculitis NOS ( M79.3 ) panniculitis of neck and back ( M54.0- ) Perlèche NOS ( K13.0 ) Perlèche due to candidiasis ( B37.0 ) Perlèche due to riboflavin deficiency[] The diagnosis of cellulitis should be made only after a thorough evaluation of all possible differential diagnoses.[]

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis

    cellulitis from NF.[] […] positive rods Gluteal gas gangrene with necrotizing fasciitis Gas gangrene Necrotic muscle with gas bubbles but minimal inflammation Leg lesion Necrotizing fasciitis and panniculitis[] Differential diagnosis of necrotising fasciitis pathology Panniculitis – Alpha-1-antitypsin deficiency panniculitis and pancreatic panniculitis can show impressive suppuration[]

  • Polyarteritis Nodosa

    Scarring from surgery and obliterative lymphangiitis from bacterial cellulitis are the causes of lymphedema. Lymphedematous skin is predisposed to autoimmune disorders.[] […] studies have shown no significant gender predominance. cPAN presents with distinct skin findings, such as a maculopapular rash, subcutaneous nodules, livedoid vasculitis, panniculitis[] Skin tissue samples showed widespread panniculitis and necrotizing medium vessel vasculitis, with fibrinoid necrosis, compatible with polyarteritis nodosa.[]

  • Sweet Syndrome

    The clinicopathologic features in our 3 cases best correspond to a widespread giant cellulitis-like form of Sweet syndrome.[] Sweet syndrome after exclusion of infectious panniculitis, id reaction, and leukemia cutis.[] Several differential diagnoses were further discussed; the first was an acute infectious cellulitis.[]

  • Fusarium Infection

    Among 16 patients with metastatic skin lesions, a recent history of cellulitis at the site of onychomycosis (11 patients), local trauma (3 patients), or an insect bite (2[] Disseminated fusariosis presenting as panniculitis-like lesions on the legs of a neutropenic girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.[] […] soil and water, which is mainly transmitted to humans through traumatic inoculation and that manifests with keratitis, onychomycosis and less frequently peritonitis and cellulitis[]

  • Tuberculid

    Acute Pityriasis Lichenoides, Mucha habermann Disease, Parapsoriasis Acuta, Parapsoriasis Lichenoides Et Varioliformis Acuta, Parapsoriasis Varioliformis,) Eosinophilic Cellulitis[] In a later stage, granulomatous panniculitis was often associated. Using the polymerase chain reaction method.[] The primary pathology occurs in the subcutaneous fat, which shows lobular panniculitis with fat necrosis.[]

  • Granulomatous Mastitis

    Antibiotics may be given if the skin changes are concerning for an infection (cellulitis), but are not the first choice.[] Erythema nodosum (EN) is a common panniculitis, and is often associated with a variety of diseases, yet coexistence of EN and GM is very rare.[]

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