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3,462 Possible Causes for Central Diabetes Insipidus, Hoarseness, Perinuclear Condensation

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    He had dysphagia, weight loss and hoarseness of voice. Lab tests potassium of 2.5 mmol/l, with normal sodium, urea, creatinine. Bicarbonate 35 mmol/l.[] […] often o SVC obstruction (5%) § Most often small cell · Associated clinical findings o Horner's syndrome § Pancoast tumor o Elevated hemidiaphragm § Phrenic nerve paralysis o Hoarseness[] […] return (causing edema) from: Arms: limb edema Periorbital area: periorbital edema Ocular mucosal membranes: chemosis (visual disturbance) Pharynx and larynx: stridor and hoarseness[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Syphilis

    We present a 53-year-old woman with an unusual truncal rash with painful anogenital lesions, accompanied by patchy alopecia, oral lesions, photophobia and hoarseness.[] Other symptoms may occur such as tiredness, fever, sore throat, headaches, hoarseness, loss of appetite, patchy hair loss and swollen glands.[] Cardiovascular syphilis is suggested by symptoms and signs of aneurysmal compression of adjacent structures, particularly stridor or hoarseness.[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Chromophobe Adenoma

    DIAGNOSIS: Metastatic Colon Carcinoma in Liver Image Gallery: CASE NUMBER 154 [ImageScope] [WebScope] Clinical History: A 64 year old man complained of hoarseness and throat[] […] clearing Peripheral condensation of cytoplasm accentuates cell membrane Most often mixed but may be pure of either type Mixed cases frequently have a distinctive pattern[] diabetes insipidus is caused by diminished production of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin that causes severe thirst and excessive production of very dilute urine ( polyuria[]

  • Hypopituitarism

    Other symptoms and signs include weakness, headache, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, vision problems, facial swelling, hoarseness, joint stiffness, and loss of pubic or[] These findings indicate a hypothalamic type of hypopituitarism and masked central diabetes insipidus which possibly derived from the atypical occupation of Rathke's cleft[] […] of Hypopituitarism Growth retardation (children and adolescents) Partial or total sexual maturation impairment Weakness; dizziness or lightheadedness Nausea and vomiting; hoarseness[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Central diabetes insipidus as the first manifestation of neurosarcoidosis in a 10-year-old girl. Horm Res. 2000; 54 98-100 23 Tamagno G, Murialdo G.[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Iatrogenic or Traumatic Pituitary Deficiency

    Tiredness, cold intolerance, constipation, hair loss, dry skin, hoarseness, cognitive slowing. Weight gain, bradycardia, hypotension.[] Severe pituitary damage can also result in central diabetes insipidus as a result of ADH deficiency.[] TSH deficiency leads to hypothyroidism, with such symptoms as facial puffiness, hoarse voice, bradycardia, and cold intolerance.[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Sheehan Syndrome

    The accompanying hoarseness of voice, facial puffiness, non-pitting pedal edema and delayed relaxation of ankle jerk suggested clinical diagnosis of myxoedema.[] Although Sheehan syndrome is a known complication of postpartum hemorrhage, central diabetes insipidus is seldom considered or suspected.[] A lack of ADH may cause central diabetes insipidus (DI). Sheehan syndrome (SS) is a rare disorder, caused by severe bleeding of women during child delivery.[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Obstructive Hydrocephalus

    I have had a hoarse voice for several months. My MRI show mild swelling of lateral and third ventricles.[] The child underwent an endoscopic third ventriculostomy with only transient post-surgical complications (i.e. central diabetes insipidus).[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Xanthoma Disseminatum

    Skin lesions were accompanied by blurred vision and hoarseness of voice.[] Hormonal evaluation was done including dynamic tests and secondary hypothyroidism, hypogonodothropic hypogonadism, GH deficiency and central diabetes insipidus were detected[] Patients present with characteristic mucocutaneous lesions, diabetes insipidus, dysphagia, dyspnea, hoarseness of voice, and blurred vision.[]

    Missing: Perinuclear Condensation
  • Common Cold

    […] discharge by 34% (95% CI: 17% to 51%), nasal congestion by 37% (15% to 58%), sneezing by 22% (-1% to 45%), scratchy throat by 33% (8% to 59%), sore throat by 18% (-10% to 46%), hoarseness[] The symptoms of a common cold include sneezing, runny nose, nasal obstruction, sore or scratchy throat, cough, hoarseness, and mild general symptoms like headache, feverishness[] "I believe that drinking warm drinks with honey can be soothing specifically if one is suffering symptoms of sore throat and hoarse voice.[]

    Missing: Central Diabetes Insipidus Perinuclear Condensation

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