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405 Possible Causes for Central Vision Impaired

  • Hypogonadism

    Signs and symptoms of central hypogonadism may involve headaches, impaired vision, double vision, milky discharge from the breast, and symptoms caused by other hormone problems[] If hypogonadism is caused by a disorder of the central nervous system (e.g., a brain tumor), then this is known as central hypogonadism.[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    Some of the most common causes of visual impairment include: age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – where the central part of the back of the eye (the macula, which plays[] […] an important role in central vision) stops working properly cataracts – when changes in the lens of the eye cause it to become less transparent (clear) glaucoma – where fluid[]

  • Orthostatic Hypotension

    As a result, symptoms of central nervous system hypoperfusion may occur, including feelings of weakness, nausea, headache, neck ache, lightheadedness, dizziness, blurred vision[] , fatigue, tremulousness, palpitations, and impaired cognition. 1 Vertigo also has been reported. 10 When a person moves from a horizontal to a vertical position, muscle contraction[]

  • Hypothyroidism

    , and vision problems, as well as longer-term motor, cognitive, visual, hearing, behavioral, and growth impairment ( 185 ).[] It is the leading cause of neonatal death and is associated with increased risks for acute respiratory, gastrointestinal, immunologic, central nervous system (CNS), hearing[]

  • Keratitis

    CORNEAL ECTASIAS1- KERATOCONUS - conical cornea - central or paracentral stromal thinning - apical protrusion - irregular astigmatism - presents with impaired vision - oil[]

  • Myopic Macular Degeneration

    Severe myopia (near-sightedness) can cause uncorrectable central vision impairment, and it may advance to total central vision loss from CNV, which is growth and leakage of[] Central or paracentral scotoma. Impairment of colour vision. Prolonged recovery from light stress. As in macular degeneration, therefore, central vision is affected.[] Stickler's syndrome Marfan's syndrome Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Down's syndrome Gyrate atrophy of the retina Congenital rubella Albinism Presentation Symptoms Deteriorating vision[]

  • Hypoxia

    Objective symptoms include: Special Senses – Both the peripheral and central vision are impaired and visual acuity is diminished.[]

  • Macular Degeneration

    However, the central vision loss impairs proficiency in performing most activities of daily living and can make it more difficult for people to live independent lives.[] One thing to remember about macular degeneration symptoms is that vision impairment only affects your central visual field, not the periphery.[] AMD can impair central vision. People who are affected by AMD may have problems reading, driving, and performing activities that require clear central vision.[]

  • Demyelinating Disease

    Examples of some of the symptoms that may manifest in demyelinating diseases include: Impaired vision, ocular paralysis Speech problems Muscle movement disorder such as ataxia[] […] disorders Exposure to toxic chemicals Symptoms of demyelinating disease The symptoms of demyelination depend on the type of demyelinating disease a person has and whether the central[]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa

    CONCLUSIONS: MFV in the CRA decreased with impaired central vision due to loss of both rod and cone function, had good test-retest repeatability, and may serve as a biomarker[] RP in this family shows a typical disease onset with moderate to rapid progression into severe visual impairment including central vision in the index and overall milder symptoms[] CME is an important cause of central vision loss, and responds to anhydrase carbonic inhibitors.[]

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