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609 Possible Causes for Cerebellar Gait Ataxia, Nystagmus

  • Cerebellar Ataxia

    A 45-year-old man with a cerebellar gait ataxia, dysmetria, nystagmus and mild cerebellar dysarthria was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus a year after the[] A 54-year-old woman with adenocarcinoma of the lung and lymph node metastasis experienced nystagmus and cerebellar ataxia 2 weeks after initiating nivolumab therapy.[] Vestibular function testing showed severely reduced horizontal nystagmus in response to bithermal caloric stimulation.[]

  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 13

    gait ataxia associated with cerebellar dysarthria and often accompanied by mild intellectual disability and occasional seizures to adult-onset progressive ataxia.[] Spinocerebellar ataxia type 13 (SCA13) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder, which, like other types of SCA, is characterized by dysarthria, nystagmus, and ataxia of gait[] The patients-seven women and a 4-year-old boy-exhibited slowly progressive childhood-onset cerebellar gait ataxia associated with cerebellar dysarthria, moderate mental retardation[]

  • Acute Cerebellar Ataxia

    Truncal ataxia with deterioration of gait Slurred speech and nystagmus Afebrile Possible causes of acute cerebellar ataxia include varicella infection, as well as infection[] A 54-year-old woman with adenocarcinoma of the lung and lymph node metastasis experienced nystagmus and cerebellar ataxia 2 weeks after initiating nivolumab therapy.[] This patient developed symptoms of ACA, including nausea, vertigo, severe limb and truncal ataxia, and bilateral spontaneous continuous horizontal nystagmus with irregular[]

  • Cerebellar Stroke

    In patients with ataxia of stance, gait and lower limbs lesions were more common in cerebellar lobules IV to VI.[] Remaining 8 patients were also symptomatic for vertigo, but they had spontaneous nystagmus. The latter group was called "disease control."[] It is important to observe the nystagmus periodically after onset.[]

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

    Beware 'red flags' such as unilateral hearing loss or tinnitus, new-onset headache, focal neurological signs or cerebellar signs including gait ataxia, down-beating or other[] A 50-year-old woman with BPPV who showed an 18 degree spontaneous nystagmus treated with Epley maneuver and a 53-year-old man with 3 degree spontaneous nystagmus.[] Down-beating positional nystagmus is typically associated with central nervous system disease.[]

  • Alcoholic Cerebellar Degeneration

    […] degeneration has been observed in non-alcoholic patients with severe malnutrition. 5 Eye Movements Square Wave Jerks Horizontal Saccadic Hypermetria Horizontal Gaze Evoked Nystagmus[] Definition / general Atrophy of the cerebellar vermis seen in the setting of chronic alcoholism Essential features Characterized clinically by ataxia and gait disturbances[] Nystagmus (quick, small actions of the eyes.) Is there a known treatment for Alcoholic Cerebellar Degeneration?[]

  • Cerebellar Infarction

    These findings emphasize that MSCA territory cerebellar infarction presented with the prominent gait ataxia and cerebellar dysarthria.[] (SN) or direction changed bidirectional gaze-evoked nystagmus (GEN).[] […] had ataxic gait with little or no vertigo.[]

  • Vestibular Neuronitis

    ataxia.[] Abstract We evaluated the vestibular functions, especially for positional nystagmus and caloric nystagmus, in 43 cases of vestibular neuronitis for long periods after its[] It is suggested that the direction of nystagmus depends upon the severity of each vestibular dysfunction.[]

  • Oculomotor Apraxia

    , gait ataxia, cerebellar atrophy, axonal sensorimotor neuropathy, oculomotor apraxia, and elevated serum AFP levels.[] The reading scan was disturbed by saccadic intrusions and/or nystagmus.[] ataxia, which usually presents with gait ataxia (3) oculomotor apraxia that progresses to an external ophthalmoplegia (4) axonal motor polyneuropathy with muscle atrophy[]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    […] and visual defects, muscular weakness, absent abdominal reflexes, hyperactive tendon reflexes, cerebellar ataxia, retrobulbar neuritis, loss of proprioceptive sense, spastic[] […] due to severe intention tremor Hypotonia: Loss of muscle tone Gait ataxia: Loss of balance Dysmetria : Inability to coordinate movement in which your either overshoot or[] […] muscle spasms, or difficulty in moving; difficulties with coordination and balance (ataxia); problems in speech (dysarthria) or swallowing (dysphagia), visual problems (nystagmus[]

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