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265 Possible Causes for Cerebellar Hypoplasia, MRI Shows Cerebellar Atrophy

  • Dysequilibrium Syndrome

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search VLDLR-associated cerebellar hypoplasia Other names Dysequilibrium syndrome, DES ; Nonprogressive cerebellar[] cerebellar ataxia associated with cerebellar hypoplasia.[] An autosomal recessive syndrome of nonprogressive cerebellar ataxia and mental retardation is associated with inferior cerebellar hypoplasia and mild cerebral gyral simplification[]

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    hypoplasia, hydrocephalus, and posterior fossa cyst formation.[] Vermian hypoplasia was present in 36 (88%) cases, while cerebellar hypoplasia was documented in 27 (59%) of these patients.[] Magnetic resonance imaging showing Dandy-Walker malformation of the cerebellum, a large cerebrospinal fluid collection in the posterior fossa (A), marked cerebellar hypoplasia[]

  • Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy

    We report a 57-year-old woman with genetically confirmed SCA6 who showed clinical features of olivopontocerebellar atrophy.[] Cerebellar hypoplasia with cystic dilatation was seen by neuro-imaging methods.[] […] pontis and inferior olivary nuclei) associated with hypoplasia of the neocerebellum, both cerebellar and cerebral peduncle.[]

  • Hereditary Cerebellar Degeneration

    In many of them, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows cerebellar atrophy.[] Localized cerebellar hypoplasia. Fetal coronal T2 image ( A ) shows a left-sided cerebellar hematoma ( arrow ).[] Her Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) brain showed diffuse cerebellar atrophy.[]

  • Alcoholic Cerebellar Degeneration

    Brain MRI shows often cerebellar atrophy.[] […] parallels peak BAC Stage of development not an important factor Cerebellar Hypoplasia 14.[] Inherited metabolic disorders - eg, Leigh's disease and the mitochondrial disorders Congenital: Developmental anomalies - eg, cerebellar hypoplasia, Dandy-Walker syndrome,[]

  • Cerebellar Hemorrhage

    We report a case of fetal cerebellar hemorrhage and hypoplasia, identified by fetal MRI after intrauterine blood transfusion at 21 weeks' gestation for treatment of severe[] Postnatal MRI confirmed atrophy of bilateral cerebellar hemispheres and inferior vermis.[]

  • Parenchymatous Cortical Cerebellar Degeneration

    In this cohort of children with prematurity-related cerebellar injury, volumetric MRI showed significantly reduced cerebral gray matter and white matter volumes in the DLPF[] Atrophy, Hereditary, NOS Congenital Vermian Hypoplasia (Mimic) ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Key Differential Diagnosis Issues Clinical history often more important in making diagnosis[] […] assume that cerebellar injury occurring during this critical development period, and resulting deafferentation to specific regions of the cerebral cortex, would result in atrophy[]

  • Cerebellar Infarction

    Inherited metabolic disorders - eg, Leigh's disease and the mitochondrial disorders Congenital: Developmental anomalies - eg, cerebellar hypoplasia, Dandy-Walker syndrome,[] Idiopathic cerebellar ataxia - a diagnosis of exclusion.[] Causes of cerebellar dysfunction in infants include: Cerebral palsy. Intrauterine infection.[]

  • Congenital Non-Progressive Ataxia

    In many cases, neuroimaging studies (CT scan, MRI) show cerebellar hypoplasia or atrophy, especially of the vermis, with occasional white matter changes, and diffuse atrophy[] Clinical evaluation showed bilateral superior coloboma, foveal hypoplasia, and inferior cerebellar hypoplasia.[] Brain MRI shows vermis atrophy or hypoplasic.[]

  • Subacute Cerebellar Degeneration

    Brain MRI showed cerebellar atrophy. He was admitted to our hospital for anal bleeding and was diagnosed with colon cancer. An associated diagnosis of PCD was made.[] Diffuse cerebellar atrophy can be difficult to distinguish from global cerebellar hypoplasia on a single study and can only be distinguished from the latter by demonstrating[] Serology HIV test was positive and a brain MRI showed cerebellar atrophy. CSF exam showed hyperproteinorrachia of 51.9 mg. Viral HIV load was 24880 and CD4 count of 65.[]

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