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1,502 Possible Causes for Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Nystagmus

  • Arnold-Chiari Malformation Type 1

    Arnold-Chiari malformation nystagmus nystagmus of skew eye movement recordings Statistics from Arnold-Chiari malformation nystagmus nystagmus of skew eye movement[] hypoplasia without displacement of the cerebellum through the foramen magnum probably a variation of cerebellar hypoplasia Chiari V malformation absent cerebellum herniation[] Type IV is a form a cerebellar hypoplasia.[]

  • Dysequilibrium Syndrome

    […] extensor plantar reflexes, distal muscle wasting, a distal sensorimotor neuropathy, a distal sensorimotor neuropathy predominant in the legs, and horizontal gaze-evoked nystagmus[] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search VLDLR-associated cerebellar hypoplasia Other names Dysequilibrium syndrome, DES ; Nonprogressive cerebellar[] An autosomal recessive syndrome of nonprogressive cerebellar ataxia and mental retardation is associated with inferior cerebellar hypoplasia and mild cerebral gyral simplification[]

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    Clinical features include occipital bossing, progressive head enlargement, bulging of anterior fontanelle, papilledema, ataxia, gait disturbances, nystagmus, and intellectual[] hypoplasia, hydrocephalus, and posterior fossa cyst formation.[] The bulk of clinical signs will be noted in the central nervous system with significant signs of cerebellar dysfunction, such as ataxia and nystagmus.[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Eye movement recordings in two patients with Arnold-Chiari malfomation type 1 showed, in addition to downbeat and gaze evoked nystagmus, intermittent nystagmus of skew.[] Type IV is a form a cerebellar hypoplasia.[] […] structures Hydrocephalus in 50% of cases due to obstruction Chiari IV (very rare) Primary cerebellar hypoplasia or agenesis Epidemiology Prevalence True incidence is estimated[]

  • Congenital Non-Progressive Ataxia

    Ocular findings in 21 cases published since Gillespie's initial description in 1965 include iris and foveal hypoplasia, nystagmus, and small optic discs with pigmentary retinopathy[] Clinical evaluation showed bilateral superior coloboma, foveal hypoplasia, and inferior cerebellar hypoplasia.[] […] exotropia, correctopia, iris hypoplasia, anterior capsular lens opacities, foveal hypoplasia, retinal vascular tortuosity, and retinal hypopigmentation.Neurological signs are nystagmus[]

  • Spasmus Nutans

    Ocular motility recordings revealed an unusual latent/manifest latent nystagmus, pendular nystagmus with characteristics of an acquired nystagmus, and uniocular saccades.[] However, their development in a patient with cerebellar vermian hypoplasia has not been previously described.[] In one child the nystagmus appeared to be evoked by fusional convergence and in the other by convergence-accommodation.[]

  • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

    […] associated MEB disease include increased pressure within the eyes (infantile glaucoma), clouding of the lenses of the eyes (cataracts), rapid, involuntary eye movements (nystagmus[] […] atrophy [4] severe cerebellar hypoplasia, poor muscle tone, delayed in motor milestones, lack of coordination in motive skills, difficulty speaking, involuntary movements[] […] hypoplasia are also very frequent.36,38 Ocular involvement is an invariable feature, ranging from severe myopia and retinal hypoplasia to congenital and infantile glaucoma, nystagmus[]

  • Cerebellar Stroke

    Remaining 8 patients were also symptomatic for vertigo, but they had spontaneous nystagmus. The latter group was called "disease control."[] Inherited metabolic disorders - eg, Leigh's disease and the mitochondrial disorders Congenital: Developmental anomalies - eg, cerebellar hypoplasia, Dandy-Walker syndrome,[] It is important to observe the nystagmus periodically after onset.[]

  • X-Linked Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 5

    Spinocerebellar ataxia 1 See the list below: Clinical features Onset in the fourth decade of life Gait ataxia, dysarthria, dysmetria, nystagmus, peripheral neuropathy, muscle[] This is the first example of the genetic mapping of a pure congenital cerebellar hypoplasia syndrome.[] Localized cerebellar hypoplasia. Fetal coronal T2 image ( A ) shows a left-sided cerebellar hematoma ( arrow ).[]

  • Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy

    There was no pathologic nystagmus or saccadic dysmetria.[] Cerebellar hypoplasia with cystic dilatation was seen by neuro-imaging methods.[] […] uptake deficiency on single photon emission computed tomography scans had poorer performances on three of the four subscores (static equilibrium, dynamic equilibrium and nystagmus[]

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