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38 Possible Causes for Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Osteoporosis, Sacroiliac Arthritis

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    After AS diagnosis, a higher proportion of patients developed newly diagnosed cases of cardiovascular diseases, depression, osteoporosis, spinal fracture, IBD, psoriasis,[] Arthritis in the hips and shoulders may also occur.[] Clinical: Cerebral and cerebellar agyria-micropolygyria; cortical disorganization; glialmesodermal proliferation; neuronal heterotopias; hypoplasia of nerve tracts; hydrocephalus[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    It can have a very similar appearance to psoriatic arthritis with the classic features of ill-defined erosions, enthesopathy, bone proliferation, early juxta-articular osteoporosis[] The clinical pattern of reactive arthritis commonly consists of an inflammation of fewer than five joints which often includes the knee or sacroiliac joint.[] Gabrb3 gene deficient mice exhibit impaired social and exploratory behaviors, deficits in non-selective attention and hypoplasia of cerebellar vermal lobules: a potential[]

  • Aprosencephaly and Cerebellar Dysgenesis

    […] syndrome, Bertini type 7 Cases 85336 X-linked neurodegenerative syndrome, Hamel type 10 Cases 314978 X-linked non progressive cerebellar ataxia 3 Families 391330 X-linked osteoporosis[] , Sacroiliac OMIM:601701 Arthrogryposis and Ectodermal Dysplasia OMIM:618265 Arthrogryposis, Cleft Palate, Craniosynostosis, and Impaired Intellectual Development; ACCIID[] This article is about human cerebellar hypoplasia. For cerebellar hypoplasia in other animals, see cerebellar hypoplasia (non-human).[]

  • Lumbar Spondylosis

    […] started a large-scale population-based cohort study entitled research on osteoarthritis/osteoporosis against disability (ROAD) in 2005.[] […] of low back Arthritis of sacrum Arthritis, low back Arthritis, sacral Arthropathy of lumbar facet Arthropathy of lumbar facet joint Arthropathy of sacroiliac joint Arthropathy[] Angiography showed two extracranial right vertebral artery (VA) stenoses, left VA hypoplasia, absence of left PICA and a dominant right PICA.[]

  • Polyarthritis

    Bisphosphonates are the mainstay treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis.[] Prior arthritis :No Most common joints :Sacroiliac joints, spine, feet, heels, knees These chronic polyarthritides share a number of features : - - Family history and the[] Gillespie syndrome, an autosomal recessive form of aniridia, is associated with cerebellar ataxia and mental retardation seen in 2% of patients with aniridia.[]

  • Cervical Spondylosis

    Metabolic diseases - eg, Paget's disease of bone, osteoporosis.[] Usually, spondylitis initially develops in the lower back or sacroiliac (SI) joints at the base of the spine.[] Angiography showed two extracranial right vertebral artery (VA) stenoses, left VA hypoplasia, absence of left PICA and a dominant right PICA.[]

  • Acute Juvenile Hemorrhagic Cystitis

    […] organic acid metabolism Disorder of other vitamins and cofactors metabolism and transport Distal myopathy, Nonaka type Dominant hypophosphatemia with nephrolithiasis or osteoporosis[] Radiographic films of the sacroiliac joint demonstrate sclerosis and obliteration of the joint space.[] Affairs, Hernia, Holocaust Remembrance, Hope & Support, Innocence, Multiple Hereditary Exostoses, Molestation Survivor, On-line Sexual Predator Awareness & Internet Safety, Osteoporosis[]

  • Acrorenal Mandibular Syndrome

    Severe osteoporosis in familial Hajdu-Cheney syndrome: progression of acro-osteolysis and osteoporosis during long-term follow-up.[] Keywords: Uveitis juvenile idiopathic arthritis HLA-B27 Behcet’s disease sacroiliac joints sacroiliitis Reactive arthritis Reiter’s syndrome PCR testing. 1800 011 041[] Both patients had an enlarged cisterna magna suggestive of cerebellar hypoplasia, agenesis/hypoplasia of the corpus callosum, Pierre Robin sequence requiring tracheostomy,[]

  • Barré-Liéou Syndrome

    Degenerative arthritis Degenerative disk disease Disc herniation Fibromyalgia Hand (study two) Headache Heel spurs Hip Degeneration Knee injuries Low back pain Migraine headache Osteoporosis[] Some general conditions treated include: chronic overuse injuries (arthritis) in the ankles, knees or shoulders; chronic back pain, sacroiliac (SI) dysfunction and degenerative[] hypoplasia and hydranencephaly multiple chemical sensitivity Multiple Congenital Anomalies-Hypotonia-Seizures Syndrome Multiple Hamartoma Syndrome Multiple Mitochondrial[]

  • SHORT Syndrome

    Some of the disorders caused by malnutrition include: anaemia skin rashes unusual skin sensations fatigue dehydration increased susceptibility to infections osteoporosis impaired[] Other conditions— disc herniation, arthritis, facet or sacroiliac pain—are much more common.[] The clinical features are vast and known: general development deficit, cerebellar and olfactory nerve hypoplasias, agenesis of cerebral structures, hypotonia, seizures, low[]

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