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790 Possible Causes for Cerebral Atrophy, Hallucinations

  • Homocystinuria

    Cerebral atrophy and bilateral hyperintensity in the deep white matter were visible in MRI scans of the patients' brains; those were significant findings in the three patients[] We describe a previously well 17-year-old adolescent with an acute psychosis characterized by auditory and visual hallucinations and marked paranoia who was found to have[] atrophy Treatment: Hydroxycobalamin, folate, L-methionine Methylmalonic acidemia-homocystinuria (cblG; 250940) Methylene tetrahydrofolate homocysteine methyltransferase MTR[]

  • Metabolic Encephalopathy

    Neuroradiological findings include cerebral atrophy, encephalopathy and widened extracerebral CSF spaces.[] […] toxic-metabolic encephalopathy Dictionary of Hallucinations . J.D. Blom . 2010 .[] […] alertness and attention; Decreased concentration and coherent thought/skilled movements; Disorientation, memory, language, irritability and agitation, restlessness, apathy, hallucinations[]

  • Epilepsy

    Hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia-epilepsy (HHE) involves infantile-onset acute hemiconvulsive febrile status epilepticus with subsequent unilateral cerebral atrophy and hemiparesis[] These can include hallucinations, numbness, tingling, or other changes to vision, taste, smell, touch, or hearing.[] Case 2 was a 3-year-8-month-old boy with refractory bilateral asymmetrical tonic posturing seizures predominantly in the right arm due to atrophy of the left cerebral hemisphere[]

  • Toxic Encephalopathy

    However, the neurological status, the neuropsychological impairment, and the cerebral atrophy, did not change significantly.[] […] alertness and attention; Decreased concentration and coherent thought/skilled movements; Disorientation, memory, language, irritability and agitation, restlessness, apathy, hallucinations[] It is documented for the first time by MRI that diffuse cerebral atrophy occurred as a result of podophyllin toxicity.[]

  • Dementia

    A threshold of 3 or more microscopic infarcts identified in a systematic screening of cerebral cortex and deep cerebral structures.[] Search terms used included compulsion, dementia, extracampine hallucination, disordered gambling, humour, and obsession.[] Initially, individuals may experience symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, while others may have vivid visual hallucinations.[]

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

    A cranial CT scan revealed mild, generalized cerebral atrophy.[] We present a patient with juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis who developed a neuroleptic malignant syndrome when treated for hallucinations with a very low dose of risperidone[] They stated when the medication was stopped for a brief period, the hallucinations reappeared, when the medication was restarted, the hallucinations stopped.[]

  • Limbic Encephalitis

    AEDs often produce adverse effects; treatment with immunotherapies may prevent the development of LE with its potential for cerebral atrophy and cognitive impairment.[] Though the literature supports auditory hallucinations as ictal phenomena, there are no reported cases of these hallucinations correlating with electrographic seizure for[] Schott JM et al . (2003) Amnesia, cerebral atrophy, and autoimmunity . Lancet 361 : 1266 9.[]

  • Movement Disorder

    Suppression of clpb in zebrafish embryos induced a central nervous system phenotype that was consistent with cerebellar and cerebral atrophy that could be rescued by wild-type[] In this review, we focus primarily on PD, in which about 30% of treated patients have visual hallucinations and 5-10% have paranoid delusions; dementia with Lewy bodies, a[] All articles were reviewed in each of the more common movement disorders and indexed in PubMed with keywords including psychosis, psychotic symptoms, antipsychotics, hallucinations[]

  • Propionic Acidemia

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain in all patients revealed delayed myelination and some cerebral atrophy.[] We report recurrent visual hallucinations in 2 children with propionic acidemia. Four visual hallucination events were observed in the 2 patients.[] Findings of magnetic resonance imaging scans revealed cerebral atrophy ( Figure 1 ).[]

  • Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy

    Neuropathological examination revealed cerebral atrophy, ventricular dilation, absence of the corpus callosum, and a small hippocampus.[] These bodies impair nerve signals, often leading to hallucinations, dementia, and poor motor control.[] (OMIM phenotype number #600329 ) Osteopetrosis and infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy is characterized by osteopetrosis, agenesis of the corpus callosum, cerebral atrophy and[]

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