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1,526 Possible Causes for Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy, Gerstmann Syndrome, MRI Scan of the Brain Abnormal

  • Stroke

    MCA syndrome PCA syndrome frontal lobe : Expressive aphasia Aboulia parietal lobe : Receptive aphasia Hemispatial neglect Gerstmann syndrome Astereognosis occipital lobe[] ), noninflammatory vasculopathy, Moyamoya disease and fibromuscular dysplasia.[] […] hemiplegia Cerebellum lateral ( Dysmetria Dysdiadochokinesia Intention tremor ) medial ( Cerebellar ataxia ) Basal ganglia Chorea Dystonia Parkinson's disease Cortex ACA syndrome[]

  • Cerebral Angiitis

    However, there is little histological support for lupus cerebritis, and cerebral vasculitis in SLE is uncommon. Vasculopathy on the other hand is seen often in SLE.[] Case presentation A 58-year-old left-handed man with a history of refractory CD who had fever of over 38 C, progression of CD symptoms, and Gerstmann’s syndrome consulted[] MRI scanning of the brain will usually show a diffuse pattern of lesions throughout the white matter of the brain, although the stroke-like type of cerebral angiitis may reveal[]

  • Cerebral Thrombosis

    Delayed cerebral thrombosis may occur in patients with excellent recovery from pneumococcal meningitis.[] We identified 5 meningitis cases with delayed vasculopathy in the literature, but these patients did not exactly resemble the clinical course of our patients.[] Autopsies, performed in 2 patients, showed infarctions predominantly involving the posterior circulation territory, thrombosis in penetrating arteries, but no evidence of vasculitis[]

    Missing: MRI Scan of the Brain Abnormal
  • Parietal Lobe Tumor

    Other neurological diagnoses that may be related to the left parietal lobe: Gerstmann’s Syndrome Gerstmann’s Syndrome is “characterized by four primary symptoms: a writing[] These let doctors see inside the brain and identify any areas that look abnormal. Although both are painless, they do require children to be still.[] Gerstmann syndrome, which includes agraphia, acalculia, finger agnosia, and right-left disorientation, is a dominant parietal lobe syndrome.[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Intrapontine Hemorrhage

    MCA syndrome PCA syndrome frontal lobe : Expressive aphasia Aboulia parietal lobe : Receptive aphasia Hemispatial neglect Gerstmann syndrome Astereognosis occipital lobe[] Sickle cell disease Eclampsia or postpartum vasculopathy Infection Vasculitis Neonatal intraventricular hemorrhage Trauma In younger patients, vascular malformations, specifically[] Signal enhancement was present in two patients and probably is explained by disruption of the blood–brain barrier. 4 In all the patients who had follow-up CT or MRI scans,[]

  • Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

    These inherited forms include Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome and fatal familial insomnia.[] Other non-invasive tests can be very helpful, however: Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans may be done to look for atrophied (shrunken) brain[] syndrome.[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Gerstmann Syndrome

    (disorder) Aphasia-angular gyrus syndrome Gerstmann tetrad Gerstmann Badal syndrome GS Developmental Gerstmann syndrome edit English Gerstmann syndrome nervous system disease[] ’s syndrome should be evaluated by neuroimaging MRI/CT scan [43], abnormalities should be seen in the dominant angular gyrus with or without the involvement of the surrounding[] Damage to the inferior parietal lobule of the dominant hemisphere results in Gerstmann syndrome.[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • CANOMAD Syndrome

    […] venous thrombosis Laboratory Pathology: Vasculopathy Perivascular inflammation Systemic or CNS Association with: HLA-B51 CSF Abnormal in 75%: Especially with parenchymal[] Palato Cardiac Syndrome Genitopatellar Syndrome Genoa Syndrome German Syndrome Gerstmann syndrome Ghose Sachdev Kumar Syndrome Giacheti Syndrome Gilles de la Tourette syndrome[] MRI scan of the brain and orbits and CT scan of thorax, abdomen and pelvis did not reveal any abnormalities.[]

  • Multi-Infarct Dementia

    Additional features of PCA include visual agnosia and features of Balint’s syndrome (simulatanagnosia and optic ataxia) and of Gerstmann’s syndrome.[] . • MRI scan of the brain is always abnormal in symptomatic patients and shows signs of small deep infarcts and leukoencephalopathy. • CADASIL is an autosomal dominant disorder[] Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - An MRI scan uses radio waves and a magnetic field to create detailed images of the brain.[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy
  • Prion Disease

    This protein is homologous to human protein with mutation 102L, and its genetic link with Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker syndrome has been established.[] Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, scans can reveal brain patterns that point to CJD.[] Abstract A 62-year-old man with Gerstmann-Straüssler-Scheinker syndrome, an inherited prion disease, presented after having manually externalized both his testes, including[]

    Missing: Cerebral Vasculitis or Vasculopathy