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226 Possible Causes for Cervical Lymphadenopathy, Progressive Loss of Vision

  • Common Cold

    Infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever) : presents with persistent severe sore throat, fever, cervical lymphadenopathy and malaise; it is particularly common in teenagers[] Age-related macular degeneration Researchers have suggested that both zinc and antioxidants delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and vision loss[] Anterior cervical lymphadenopathy is common in bacterial pharyngitis and difficulty in swallowing may be present.[]

  • Toxoplasmosis

    Clinical signs include: Fever, Skin eruption, Malaise, Myalgia and arthralgia, Cervical lymphadenopathy, Pneumonia, Myocarditis, Meningoencephalitis, Chorioretinitis Post-mortem[] If the central structures of the retina are involved there will be a progressive loss of vision that can lead to blindness.[] Physical examination findings will reveal mainly lymphadenopathy, cervical and suboccipital.[]

  • Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma

    Common modes of presentation of follicular thyroid carcinoma include a solitary thyroid nodule and cervical lymphadenopathy.[] […] and pain in the right nasopharyngeal region Follicular carcinoma with papillary foci Barrs (1979) 54 F Progressive loss of vision in the left eye Follicular thyroid carcinoma[] There were no cervical lymphadenopathy or neck masses.[]

  • Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

    The evaluation of a patient with papillary cancer begins with the physical exam and the mobility of the true vocal folds, as well as any cervical lymphadenopathy.[] […] and pain in the right nasopharyngeal region Follicular carcinoma with papillary foci Barrs (1979) 54 F Progressive loss of vision in the left eye Follicular thyroid carcinoma[] The most frequent presentation of papillary thyroid cancer is a palpable thyroid nodule, cervical lymphadenopathy, or incidental detection on imaging.[]

  • Syphilis

    Inguinal lymphadenopathy arises in men with ulcers on the genitals and cervical lymphadenopathy in patients with ulcers in the mouth.[] Abstract We present a case of ocular syphilis after a renal transplantation involving progressive vision loss without clinically identifiable ocular disease.[] Syphilis presenting as isolated cervical lymphadenopathy: two related cases. J Infect. 2009;58:76–8. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 57.[]

  • Herpes Simplex Infection

    lymphadenopathy appear and last up to 2 weeks, and are seen in the pediatric population.[] Subsequent progression of the more severely involved right eye resulted in an exudative retinal detachment and loss of vision prior to the patient's death from meningoencephalitis[] Recurrent episodes of reactivation are associated with stromal involvement and lead to progressive loss of vision and scarring, requiring penetrating keratoplasty or corneal[]

  • Cytomegalovirus

    EBV Mononucleosis syndrome associated with CMV infection differs from that caused by EBV. 13% – 17% patients with CMV-mononucleosis present with cervical lymphadenopathy,[] This can lead to a loss of peripheral (side) vision. Sometimes the symptoms begin with a blind spot in the center of vision and can lead to a loss of central vision.[] Fatigue and malaise may persist for 4 weeks or longer. 12 Physical examination shows cervical or generalized lymphadenopathy.[]

  • Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease

    We describe a case of persistent cervical lymphadenopathy secondary to Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease in an 11-year-old girl.[] We report the case of a 30-year-old Asian woman who presented a rapidly progressive loss of vision.[] In patient with cervical lymphadenopathy KFD should be considered in the differential diagnosis.[]

  • Cytomegalovirus Mononucleosis

    Cervical lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly and lymphocytosis (greater than 5000/microliter) were more common in children and protracted fever more common in adults.[] Clinical symptoms of CMV retinitis include floaters, blurry vision, and the loss of visual field proportions.[] Swelling of the eyelids follows cervical lymphadenopathy with a disturbance of blood flow in the facial area.[]

  • Burkitt Lymphoma

    lymphadenopathy.[] In patients presenting with painful proptosis and vision loss, a diagnosis of BL should be considered.[] A 41-year-old HIV-positive Chinese male presented lymphadenopathy in the right cervical region for 3 months.[]

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