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171 Possible Causes for Cervical Petechia, Profuse Vaginal Discharge

  • Trichomonas Infection

    See: illustration ; colpitis macularis Symptoms T. vaginalis causes persistent burning, redness, and itching of the vulvar tissue associated with a profuse vaginal discharge[] In infected female it causes itching and burning accompanied by profuse, foul-smelling, yellow- green vaginal discharge (about 25% women are symptomatic).[] Symptomatic women experience mild to severe inflammation, itching, burning, vaginal odor, and a profuse greenish yellow vaginal discharge.[]

  • Vaginitis

    In most cases, there is also profuse or copious vaginal discharge which may be watery, yellow, or even purulent.[] Desquamative vaginitis is characterised by: Persistent or intermittent, blood-stained or yellow, profuse or sticky vaginal discharge Painful intercourse ( dyspareunia ) Itch[] […] of glycogen fall in acidity absence of protective lactobacilli Presentation is typically with: irritation and soreness superficial dyspareunia discharge - which may be profuse[]

    Missing: Cervical Petechia
  • Puerperium

    Purpose Our aim was to describe the changes observed by ultrasonography in uterine dimensions during the early puerperium among women who experienced an uncomplicated puerperium. Additionally, the influence of parity, mode of delivery, breastfeeding and birth weight on uterine involution was evaluated. Methods[…][]

    Missing: Cervical Petechia
  • Candida Albicans Vaginitis

    The patient was a 28 year old woman who presented with symptoms of vulval pruritis and profuse vaginal discharge for six months.[] Trichomoniasis and Cervical Petechiae This photograph shows multiple petechiae on the cervix of a women with trichomoniasis.[] Symptomatic women experience mild to severe inflammation, itching, burning, vaginal odor, and a profuse greenish yellow vaginal discharge.[]

  • Retained Placenta

    The standard treatment for retained placenta is manual removal whatever its subtype (adherens, trapped or partial accreta). Although medical treatment should reduce the risk of anesthetic and surgical complications, they have not been found to be effective. This may be due to the contrasting uterotonic needs[…][]

    Missing: Cervical Petechia
  • Chronic Cervicitis

    Extensive chronic cervicitis : Profuse vaginal discharge. Bleeding between menstrual periods. Spotting or bleeding after sexual intercourse.[] […] canal, with a chronic process of secretion poor or moderate and cloudy; petechiae (pinpoint hemorrhage) on the mucosa of the neck; in post-menopause, in addition to the thinned[] In its mildest form, no symptoms may be noticed, but a more severe case of cervicitis can cause a profuse, almost pus-like, discharge with an unpleasant odor, accompanied[]

  • Foreign Body in the Vagina

    We are presenting two case series of vaginal foreign body (VFB) in patients belonging to two different age groups. The literature review, summary of the two cases, and, the corresponding discussions will be presented.[]

    Missing: Cervical Petechia
  • Leukorrhea

    On examination - green vaginal discharge On examination - offensive vaginal discharge On examination - profuse vaginal discharge On examination - vaginal discharge On examination[] […] white vaginal discharge which is not thick ( looks similar to that of a egg white)and dribbles all day long.[] - white vaginal discharge On examination - yellow vaginal discharge Profuse vaginal discharge Purulent vaginal discharge Scanty vaginal discharge Urinous vaginal discharge[]

    Missing: Cervical Petechia
  • Cytolytic Vaginosis

    The pH was 3.5 to 5.5 and the clinical symptoms were profuse vaginal discharge (VD) especially whitish-cheesy vaginal discharge and other symptoms of vaginal candidiasis.[] Your vaginal discharge can become abnormally profuse and can appear white in color, according to DermNet DZ.[] Vaginal Discharge If you have elevated vaginal levels of lactobacillus, you can develop unusual vaginal discharge as a symptom of this infection.[]

    Missing: Cervical Petechia
  • Gardnerella Vaginitis

    Clinically, a profuse vaginal discharge and a rotten fish vaginal odor are characteristic symptoms, although some women with BV remain asymptomatic ( Koumans et al., 2007[] Note that this finding can be easily confused with Cervicitis (Gon/Chlyamdia).[] Many leukocytes are seen on microscopic examination Patchy Erythema on cervix is referred to as Strawberry Petechiae.[]

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