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291 Possible Causes for Cervical Spine X-Ray

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Plain X-ray of the skull and cervical spine will show skeletal abnormalities like scoliosis. CT scan demonstrates caudal displacement of the fourth ventricle.[]

  • Cervical Spine Fracture

    Standard x-ray films taken at emergency department facilities are not entirely reliable for detecting or revealing cervical spine fracture-dislocations.[] During the study period, 254 cervical spine plain X-ray and 3,080 cervical spine CT examinations were performed.[] The trauma series falsely identified 23% of the patients as having normal cervical spines, half of whom had unstable cervical injuries. [ 9 ] The addition of special x-ray[]

  • Dermatitis

    We performed a cervical spine X-ray in different projections.[] In all patients, we observed a degenerative disease of the cervical spine with a reduction of intersomatic discs, primarily C5-C6 (Figure 3).[]

  • Teardrop Fracture of the Cervical Spine

    The normal cross-table lateral cervical spine X-ray must visualise the entire cervical spine, from the skull base to the cervico-thoracic junction.[] Radiographic Anatomy - Cervical Spine Lateral neck X-ray[] Next, examine the alignment of the columns of the cervical spine.[]

  • Fracture

    And once closed reduction was confirmed by open-mouth and lateral X-ray views in the cervical spine, a second staged C1-C2 surgical fixation and fusion with iliac bone graft[]

  • Platybasia

    Relevant diagnostic work-up included craniogram, cervical spine x-ray, computed tomography (CT) of the brain and craniocervical junction, magnetic resonance imaging of the[]

  • Scoliosis

    When a doctor measures it on an x-ray, the normal range for kyphosis is quite broad, between 20-50 degrees.[] A side-view X ray of a soldier standing rigidly at attention would show the cervical spine in his neck arched slightly forward.[] For the side x-rays, hips and knees must be straight. Focused x-rays of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine may also be necessary.[]

  • Arthritis

    Importantly, cervical spine instability is most often asymptomatic.[] Examples of Rheumatoid Nodules Diagnosis Clinical criteria Serum rheumatoid factor (RF), anti-CCP, and ESR or C-reactive protein (CRP) X-rays Rheumatoid arthritis should be[]

  • Head Injury

    Skull X-rays have largely been superseded by CT scanning. See separate article Plain Skull X-ray.[] Investigations for the cervical spine Always consider the possibility of cervical spine injury in cases of head injury. [ 2 ] CT of the cervical spine should be undertaken[] Plain X rays are abnormal or technically inadequate. A definitive diagnosis is needed - eg, before surgery.[]

  • Whiplash Injury

    At baseline, features of injury mechanism, subjective complaints, and different aspects of patient history were documented and cervical spine X rays performed.[] […] of cervical spine, anterior–posterior, lateral, and open-mouthed view May need specialized imaging Non-opioid analgesics NSAIDs Opioids for a limited period in acute severe[] Persistent neck pain and stiffness also occurs in cervical spondylosis and other chronic pathologies of the cervical spine.[]

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