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111 Possible Causes for Cervix Disorder, Leg Pain, Vaginal Discharge

  • Cervical Cancer

    The abnormal vaginal discharge, cervical lesion and chest pain were resolved.[] Signs of advanced cervical cancer include: Weight loss Fatigue Back pain Leg pain or swelling Leakage of urine or feces from the vagina Bone fractures[] […] tumor of the Cervix Uteri uterine cervical neoplasm neoplasm of uterine cervix neoplasm of uterine cervix (disorder) malignant neoplasm of uterine cervix Malignant Uterine[]

  • Cervix Disorder

    discharge, postcoital bleeding, vaginal spotting, deep pain -dysuria or urinary frequency -vulvovaginal irritation -constitutional sx: fever, chills, malaise PE: -purulent[] Signs of advanced cervical cancer include: Weight loss Fatigue Back pain Leg pain or swelling Leakage of urine or feces from the vagina Bone fractures[] GB English Adhesions of cervix (disorder) FSN initial insensitive preferred GB English Mapping Snomed ConceptId: 69985008 CUI CODE Refset C0269196 D7-75744 SNOMED RT identifier[]

  • Cervical Dysplasia

    Advanced cervical cancer may present with pelvic, back, or leg pain, leaking of urine or feces from the vagina, loss of appetite, weight loss, and bone fracture.[] (finding) 73391008 dysplasia of cervix (disorder) 92564006 Carcinoma in situ of uterine cervix (disorder) Clinical Pearls HPV is present in virtually all cervical cancers[] discharge.[]

  • Leukorrhea

    , gray discharge Mucus and pus mixed in with discharge Frothy yellow-green discharge STAYFREE products provide excellent protection for normal vaginal discharges.[] […] during or after intercourse Spots on undergarments from discharge Lower back or abdominal pain Leg pain, specifically calf and thigh Frequent urination, especially burning[] These diseases lead to infection of the cervix, which is indeed one of the most common gynecological disorders.[]

  • Third Degree Uterine Prolapse

    […] mesh damage to the surrounding organs, such as your bladder an infection - you may be given antibiotics to take during and after surgery to reduce the risk of infection pain[] Cervix Disorders The cervix is the lower part of the uterus, the place where a baby grows during pregnancy.[] […] opening Repeated bladder infections Feeling of heaviness or pulling in the pelvis Vaginal bleeding Increased vaginal discharge 12.[]

  • Cervix Stricture

    […] lips and the opening to the vagina) vaginal discharge or bleeding sexual problems , including painful intercourse or some vaginal bleeding after intercourse, vaginal dryness[] In some patients, the pain starts in the legs and moves upward to the buttocks; in other patients, the pain begins higher in the body and moves downward.[] […] stenosis of cervix Acquired stricture of cervix Acquired stricture of cervix (disorder) Atresia of cervix Atresia of cervix (disorder) Contracture of cervix Contracture of[]

  • Chlamydial Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    […] around the kidneys or liver lower back or leg pain feelings of weakness, tiredness, or depression diminished desire to have sex How to know if you have PID?[] […] in diseases classified elsewhere N74.0* Tuberculous infection of cervix uteri ( A18.1 ) N74.1* Female tuberculous pelvic inflammatory disease ( A18.1 ) Tuberculous endometritis[] These patients presented with vaginal discharge and chronic abdominal pain.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Culture of the vaginal discharge revealed the presence of E. coli.[] […] around the kidneys or liver, lower back or leg pain, feelings of weakness, tiredness, depression, and diminished desire to have sex.[] PID comprises a spectrum of inflammatory disorders including any combination of endometritis , salpingitis , tubo-ovarian abscess , or pelvic peritonitis .[]

  • Cervical Stump Prolapse

    discharge and post-coital bleeding.[] […] urination Severe vaginal, abdominal, leg or chest pain Wound draining, discharge, opening, inflammation or swelling Persistent nausea and vomiting A swollen abdomen or if[] […] uteri N87 Dysplasia of cervix uteri N88 Other noninflammatory disorders of cervix uteri N89 Other noninflammatory disorders of vagina View in Tabular Code Title N00-N99 Diseases[]

  • Mucopurulent Cervicitis

    Vaginal discharge purity according to Schröder was significantly deteriorated in CT-positive patients (p 0.011).[] Symptoms may include: Sores, bumps, blisters, or a rash in the genital area Pain or itching around the genitals, buttocks, or legs Itching or burning during urination Swollen[] Eversion of cervix Type 1 Excludes erosion and ectropion of cervix with cervicitis ( N72 ) Type 2 Excludes: N88 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code N88 Other noninflammatory disorders[]

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