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675 Possible Causes for Chest Pain, Congestive Heart Failure, Rhinitis

  • Asthma

    Therefore, frequent paracetamol use may be a risk factor for symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, and skin allergy in the Polish population.[] Abstract Precordial catch syndrome is a benign cause of chest pain in children and adolescents that remains underrecognized.[] Then, there are other medical conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure and heart disease that can coexist with asthma and complicate[]

  • Hypereosinophilic Syndrome

    […] with eosinophilia Nonallergic rhinitis with eosinophilia Peritoneal eosinophilia Secondary eosinophilia Traumatic ulcerative granuloma of tongue with stromal eosinophilia[] We report a 46-year-old female who came to hospital with atypical chest pains and a known history of eosinophilia.[] The most dangerous complication involves the heart and involves myocardial fibrosis, congestive heart failure and, ultimately, death.[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    We discuss the case of a patient with new-onset atrial fibrillation receiving metoprolol for rate control on a background of pseudoephedrine use for allergic rhinitis leading[] Area under the curves (AUCs) and 95% confidence intervals (CI); P values of baseline levels of MPO for discriminating AMI patients from noncoronary chest pain (NCCP) patients[] We observed decreases among those with a history of diabetes (Yes: 22%, 95% CI 14-29%; No: 25%, 95% CI 18-31%), congestive heart failure (Yes: 23%, 95% CI 16-30%; No: 24%,[]

  • Myocardial Infarction

    Favorites PDF Get Content & Permissions Open Original Articles Asia Pacific survey of physicians on asthma and allergic rhinitis (ASPAIR): data from China Hinds, David; Aggarwal[] The health care burden of acute chest pain.[] Fifty of the patients had died in cardiogenic shock, the remainder from refractory congestive heart failure.[]

  • Pleural Effusion

    On arrival (7 February 2015), she was febrile to 40.3 C with a brutal flu syndrome, chills, dry cough and serous rhinitis, for which she received symptomatic treatment.[] After antibiotic treatment, the left chest pain was alleviated, but a similar pain appeared in the right chest.[] heart failure.[]

  • Rheumatic Fever

    […] aspirin or any ingredient in the formulation. 906 938 History of asthma, urticaria, or other sensitivity reaction precipitated by other NSAIAs. 906 938 Syndrome of asthma, rhinitis[] Thus, patients presenting with chest pain and electrocardiological and biochemical evidence of myocardial necrosis are not always suffering from an acute coronary syndrome[] […] endocarditis, stroke, and congestive heart failure).[]

  • Inhalation of Cadmium Fumes

    […] with multiple risk factors such as multiparity and poor nutrition. 4-Miscellaneous: Other consequences of cadmium exposure are: anemia, yellow discoloration of the teeth, rhinitis[] Later on you may experience some of these toxic cadmium inhalation symptoms: dyspnea sweating shivering coughing arthralgia wheezing dry throat headache chest pain pneumonitis[] Irritation of respiratory system, sore and dry throat, chest pain and breathing difficulty. Chronic effects include kidney damage and emphysema. Suspected carcinogen.[]

  • Cocaine Abuse

    Review of systems was significant for rhinitis, nasal congestion, joint pain, and a febrile episode 2 days prior to admission.[] Initial management of cocaine users presenting with chest pain and ST segment elevation should include administration of glyceryl trinitrate (GTN).[] Keywords Cocaine Dilated cardiomyopathy Congestive heart failure Catecholamine Background More than 14 million people worldwide, mostly within the age range of 15 to 64 years[]

  • Cardiac Metastasis

    The nose is broad, and the children often suffer from chronic rhinitis and have to breath through their mouth.[] We describe a case of a patient presenting with chest pain and ECG abnormalities concerning for ST-elevation myocardial infarction that eventually was found to have an incidental[] Severe congestive heart failure was not detected.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    heart failure, or are receiving steroids Antibiotic therapy is recommended in patients with acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis In stable patients with chronic bronchitis[] In the final estimates, the total annual cost to society attributable to dampness and mold is estimated to be 3.7 (2.3-4.7) billion for allergic rhinitis, 1.9 (1.1-2.3) billion[] The BSS subscales cough, sputum, rhales/rhonchi, chest pain during coughing, and dyspnoea improved to a similar extent in both treatment groups.[]

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