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48 Possible Causes for Chest Pain, Constant Throat Clearing, Cough

  • Pharyngitis

    Ultimately, after 5 days and without any corticosteroids, she presented to the emergency department with 10/10 chest pain and was admitted to the intensive care unit.[] The authors present the case of an 11-year-old boy with pharyngitis, treated with amoxicillin, that worsened on day 7, with cough, high fever and refusal to eat.[] If you have such symptoms, or if the throat pain persists, additional tests may be necessary.[]

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    All the symptoms except chest pain were improved dramatically by speech therapy and empirical treatment for GERD.[] Untreated, GERD can lead to chronic laryngitis, dysphonia, chronic sore throat, chronic cough, constant throat clearing, granuloma of the true vocal cords and other problems[] This case suggests cough as an adverse drug event to omeprazole, which is otherwise commonly prescribed for the management of GERD-related cough.[]

  • Asthma

    Precordial catch syndrome is a benign cause of chest pain in children and adolescents that remains underrecognized.[] She denied any chest pain, cough, fever, orthopnea, or leg swelling. She was afebrile and normotensive, and her physical examination was unremarkable.[] A 72-year-old woman with asthma attack and retrosternal chest pain was presented to our emergency unit.[]

  • Sinusitis

    But going to an ENT is like going to a cardiovascular surgeon if you have chest pain from heart disease.[] […] need to "clear one's throat" Adolescents and adults are more likely than children to report headaches, and headaches are often unresponsive to typical headache remedies.[] Boodman, Washington Post , "Why did a little girl have a persistent ‘smoker’s cough’?[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Symptoms of acute bronchitis The symptoms of acute bronchitis can include: sore throat fever cough that brings up clear, yellow, or green mucus chest congestion shortness[] The BSS subscales cough, sputum, rhales/rhonchi, chest pain during coughing, and dyspnoea improved to a similar extent in both treatment groups.[] There are no clearly effective treatments for the cough of acute bronchitis.[]

  • Food Allergy

    pain A weak or “thready” pulse Sense of “impending doom” Severe symptoms, alone or combined with milder symptoms, may be signs of life-threatening anaphylaxis.[] Histamine causes symptoms such as cough, wheeze and hives.[] pain.[]

  • Common Cold

    Flu Symptoms · High Fever · Infrequent Sore Throat · Occasional Sneezing if any · Clear nose · Severe Aches and Pains/Muscle Soreness · Constant Headaches · Several Weeks[] pain; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; a skin rash or pale or mottled skin; vomiting; or unusual drowsiness.[] Symptoms of urge to cough and cough are common and have a significant impact on cold sufferers.[]

  • Upper Airway Cough Syndrome

    If you have shortness of breath, chest pain and/or fever, suspect something wrong with your lungs and have your healthcare provider examine the patient and possibly do x-rays[] Cough hypersensitivity may be related to the pathogenesis of upper airway cough syndrome (UACS).[] Still, even in nonsmokers, bloody sputum (hemoptysis) or chest pain should raise concern about a lung tumor. Stress.[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    A 9-year-old male patient complained of cough, dyspnea and chest pain, in his examination his lips were cyanosed and his SaO2 was 86% at room air.[] As such hypersensitivity is not restricted to idiopathic cough, it has been proposed that, in general, chronic cough is the result of an interaction between intrinsic cough[] pain Blood pressure changes Swollen lymph nodes Frequent infections Sleep disturbance Depression and irritability Eye problems (feeling of increased pressure, impaired sight[]

  • Tourette Syndrome

    Side effects include severe chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, nosebleeds, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, and nightmares. ( 7 ) Guanfacine/Intuniv/Tenex[] Simple vocalizations can include constant throat clearing, sniffing, grunting, barking, or other noises.[] It is not uncommon for a person to continuously clear the throat, cough, sniff, grunt, yelp, bark or shout.[]

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