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422 Possible Causes for Chest Pain, Lip Numbness

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    pain and yellowing of skin – due to liver metastasis Coughing and chest pain – spread of cancer cells to the lungs Seizures, headaches – signals brain involvement Weight[] Abdominal pain and jaundice due to liver metastasis Persistent coughing and chest pain due to lung metastasis Unintentional weight loss Persistent fatigue and lethargy How[] In late stages, when the cancer cells have spread or metastasized to other body parts, these symptoms may include: Low back or pelvic pain – due to bone metastasis Abdominal[]

  • Panic Attacks

    METHOD: This cross-sectional sample included 339 patients with noncardiac chest pain and panic attacks.[] Numbness or tingling in the face, especially around the lips. May also occur in the extremities, chest, or even the entire body.[] Symptoms may include trembling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain (or chest tightness), sweating, nausea, dizziness (or slight vertigo), hyperventilation[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    pains.[] During a panic attack , a person has symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, dizziness, chest pain, and fear of losing control, going crazy, or dying.[] Recurrent panic attacks--sudden waves of intense anxiety, apprehension, fearfulness, or terror, with physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations, sweating, and chest[]

  • Radix Aconiti

    Weak Heart Yang with palpitations, shortness of breath and chest pain. Spontaneous sweat and chills due to Yang Deficiency. Hb. Ephedrae Ma Huang Hb. Asari Xi Xin Cx.[] Overdose will cause numbness of the lips, tongue, and extremities, vomiting, facial pallor, irritability, decrease in the pulse rate and blood pressure, difficulty in breathing[] •Symptoms of the respiratory system, e.g. dyspnoea, bluish and purplish lip.[]

  • Bicarbonate

    The electrocardiogram (ECG) during the chest pain attack revealed ST elevation in leads II, III and aVF. It returned to a normal pattern 10 min later.[] Lip numbness was a requisite for all the patients.[] All of the patients were symptomatic with cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Physical examinations, arterial blood gases, and chest radiographs were normal.[]

  • Methylene Blue

    Overdose symptoms may include vomiting, stomach pain, chest pain or tightness, wheezing, trouble breathing, feeling like you might pass out, fast heart rate, anxiety, confusion[] pain) or a methemoglobin level higher than 30%.[] , numbness , or tingling.[]

  • Clonidine

    Five hours later, severe chest pain, dyspnoea, tachycardia, hypoxia, with BP 180/120 mmHg and pulmonary edema ensued. ECG showed sinus tachycardia with no ST elevation.[] Endodontic access cavities were prepared 15 min after solution deposition, and all patients were required to have profound lip numbness.[] Drowsiness Dizziness Fatigue Headache Dry mouth Constipation Trouble breathing Chest pain Unusually severe fatigue or drowsiness Increased heart rate Tremors Last Updated[]

  • Acromegaly

    pain, palpitations, SOB, previous MI etc.[] Symptoms of acromegaly The main signs of acromegaly are: changes to facial features, such as a broadening nose, enlarging jaw and more widely spaced teeth enlarged lips or[] Symptoms of slow heart rate may include dizziness or lightheadedness, fainting or near-fainting, chest pain, shortness of breath, confusion or memory problems, and weakness[]

  • Hyperventilation

    pain.[] Some neurological effects include numbness and tingling in your fingers, toes, lips, and other extremities; muscle tetany that leaves you with an uncontrolled cramp known[] […] wikiHow Contributor Community Answer A tingling sensation or numbness in your hands, feet and lips is a symptom of hyperventilation, along with lightheadedness, dizziness,[]

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer

    When the cancer spreads to the lungs, it can cause unexplained chest pain. If cancer spreads to the liver, abdominal pain often results, explains[] Abstract Mental nerve neuropathy (numb chin/lip syndrome) is a sensory neuropathy presenting with numbness in the distribution of the inferior alveolar nerve/mental nerve[] When the lungs get affected, it causes: Chest pain Chronic breathing problems Fatigue, poor appetite, loss in weight Involved treatment methodology At large, various types[]

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