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199 Possible Causes for Chest Pain, Tuberculous Pericarditis

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Pericardium : In tuberculous pericarditis, the pericardium thickens and sometimes leaks fluid into the space between the pericardium and the heart.[] Acute virus myocarditis presents with a wide range of symptoms, from mild dyspnea or chest pain to cardiogenic shock and death.[] Tuberculous pericarditis. Medicine 1937;16:45–94. [CrossRef] Rooney J. J., Crocco J. A., Lyons H. H. Tuberculous pericarditis. Ann. Intern. Med. 1970;72:73–78.[]

  • Pericarditis

    However, it takes a period of time from tuberculous pericarditis to constrictive pericarditis.[] […] of the pericardium, which surrounds the heart and can lead to chest pain.[] All patients had low CD4 cell count (range: 17-239 cells/mm3) and 50% of patients were treated for tuberculous pericarditis prior to making the correct diagnosis of Nocardia[]

  • Pericardial Effusion

    Abstract Diagnosis of tuberculous pericarditis remains a challenge.[] pain.[] Forty-eight years old male patient was hospitalized with shortness of breath, chest pain, swelling of the eyelids and bilateral limbs complaints.[]

  • Acute Pericarditis

    . 10 Tuberculous pericarditis has declined markedly in developed countries. 11[] As you mentioned, costochondritis, of inflammation of the joints connecting your ribs and sternum, can lead to chest pain.[] […] injury syndrome, 6.33 cases per 1000 person-years for neoplastic pericarditis, 31.65 cases for 1000 person-years for tuberculous pericarditis, and 52.74 cases per 1000 person-years[]

  • Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis

    Two of these cases were initially treated as tuberculous pericarditis.[] Patient has a past history of hospitalization one year ago due to chest pain and received coronary angiography, and it was normal.[] Developing countries continue to face a significant burden of CCP secondary to tuberculous pericarditis. Surgical pericardiectomy offers potential cure.[]

  • Suppurative Pericarditis

    Objective To improve the diagnosis and treatment of constrictive tuberculous pericarditis ( CTP ). 22.[] […] swelling, chest pain, recurrent fever and breathlessness on mild exertion.[] Pericarditis can be divided into subtypes according to morphology: Acute forms serous pericarditis suppurative (purulent) pericarditis tuberculous (caseous) pericarditis fibrinous[]

  • Radiation Pericarditis

    Tuberculous pericarditis: a case report.[] I hope your doctor is able to find a way to resolve your breathing and chest pain issues. I know it is uncomfortable (to say the least), and worrisome for you.[] She had undergone 11 treatments when the chest pain began. So now she doesn’t know what to do, or who to believe.[]

  • Constrictive Pericarditis

    After a pericardiectomy done to restore cardiac compensation and to identify etiological factors, a tuberculous pericarditis (TBP) was diagnosed.[] Clinical suspicion of effusive-constrictive pericarditis with tamponade from coxsackievirus B should be considered in patients presenting with chest pain, dyspnea, jugular[] Chest pain, lower New York Heart Association class, higher Westergren sedimentation rates, and increased pericardial DHE were all significantly associated with clinical improvement[]

  • Post-Infarction Pericarditis

    C evidence). [3] Controversy exists regarding the use of steroids in the treatment of tuberculous pericarditis.[] Often times the symptoms of pericardial disease such as fever, chest pain, and shortness of breath are non-specific, making an accurate diagnosis a challenging task.[] It is characterized by chest pain, fever, pericarditis with a friction rub, pleurisy, pleural effusion, joint pain, and elevated white blood cell count and sedimentation rate[]

  • Mediastinopericarditis

    pericarditis, tuberculous mediastinal lymphadenitis, mediastinoscopy Keyword: 結核性心外膜炎, 結核性縦隔リンパ節炎, 縦隔鏡, tuberculous pericarditis, tuberculous mediastinal lymphadenitis, mediastinoscopy[] The chest pain is typically "pleuritic" meaning that it is sharp in nature and aggravated by coughing or inspiration.[] The most common symptoms are chest pain and weight loss. Lymphomas may manifest with fever and weight loss.[]

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