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106 Possible Causes for Chest Wall Fistula

  • Lung Abscess

    Complications Complications of surgery or percutaneous drainage include : empyema bronchopleural fistula haemorrhage (from chest wall or the lung) Despite treatment, abscesses[]

  • Empyema

    Empyema is a condition in which pus gathers in the area between the lungs and the inner surface of the chest wall.[] […] and pyopneumothorax or track through the chest wall with the formation of a subcutaneous abscess or sinus (termed empyema necessitans).[] […] or chest wall defect may be the most effective treatment strategy.[]

  • Bovine Actinomycosis

    A low-grade pneumonitis develops that tends to invade the pleura, possibly resulting in empyema necessitatis and a draining chest wall fistula(e) ( 39 ).[]

  • Pulmonary Actinomycosis

    […] formation Pulmonary Consolidation which extends across fissure — peripheral and lower lobe DDX for lung consolidation which extends through chest wall: Blastomycosis TB Crytococcosis[] A low-grade pneumonitis develops that tends to invade the pleura, possibly resulting in empyema necessitatis and a draining chest wall fistula(e) ( 39 ).[] Conversely, pulmonary actinomycosis could be associated with extrapulmonary spread, from the lung to the pleura, mediastinum, and chest wall, with fistula and chronic suppuration[]

  • Subphrenic Abscess

    Digestive tract bleeding and digestive tract fistula due to abscess can corrode the gastrointestinal tract wall caused by repeated gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal fistula[] […] caused by pleurisy; can also be inserted into the chest caused by empyema. 2.[] wall caused by repeated gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal fistula or gastric fistula , Such as the patient's physical resistance can occur sepsis.[]

  • Lung Hernia

    Herniation of tuberculous cavity presenting as caverno-chest wall fistula. Lung India 2005;22:119-21. 7. Ahmed N, Watanakunakorn C, Sarac E.[] Pleuro-pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as a chest wall mass in a patient undergoing long-term hemodialysis. Infect Dis Clin Pract 2001;10:403-4. 8.[]

  • Penetrating Chest Trauma

    Penetrating thoracic trauma poses a management challenge to the on-call surgeon. A casual and unwary approach can lead to unforeseen complications in the initial height of management of such patients. We present a case of penetrating thoracic trauma where initial management with closed tube thoracostomy[…][]

  • Chest Wall Disorder

    Emiley PJ, Kendall JL, Bellows JW Chronic cutaneous chest wall fistula and gallstone empyema due to retained gallstones.[] Cobas Paz A, Pallarés Sanmartín A, Fernández-Villar A Recurrent chest wall abscesses overlying a pneumonectomy scar: an unusual presentation of a cholecystocutaneous fistula[] Gaster RS, Berger AJ, Ahmadi-Kashani M, Shrager JB, Lee GK Role of FNAC in palpable chest wall lesions in developing country.[]

  • Mucormycosis

    A biopsy through the right chest wall mass and thoracic mass by fistula of chest wall showed broad nonseptate hyphae with right-angle branching, consistent with mucormycosis[] Some complex cases may invade adjacent organs, such as the mediastinum, pericardium, and chest wall.[] However, to the best our knowledge there is little known regarding bronchoesophageal fistula due to pulmonary mucormycosis after induction chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia[]

  • Skin Ulcer

    She visited the hospital where she received radiation therapy and was treated for a skin ulcer on the left chest wall in December 2012.[] A fistula developed and then pus was discharged in January 2013.[]

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