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451 Possible Causes for Chest X-Ray Abnormal, Creatinine Increased, Renal Insufficiency

  • Acute Renal Failure

    The second aim was to remark that this syndrome is characterised by a spectrum of progressive damage, from mild creatinine increase to renal injury to a more severe form,[] Acute Renal Failures Acute Renal Injuries Acute Renal Injury Acute Renal Insufficiencies Acute Renal Insufficiency Kidney Failure, Acute Kidney Failures, Acute Kidney Injuries[] […] a creatinine increase of more than 0.3 mg/dl from an elevated baseline represents AKI and has the same risks as a creatinine increase from a normal baseline). 6.[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    Creatinine test As kidney function declines, your creatinine increases. This protein is also related to muscle mass.[] ., M.D. [1] Synonyms and Keywords: Renal failure; azotemia; kidney failure; kidney insufficiency; renal disease; kidney injury; renal injury For more detailed information[] Once any sign (such as an increase in creatinine) of disease is detected, it is imperative that immediate steps be taken to halt its progress, as kidney function can decline[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    […] controls [Creatinine, 637 ng/mg (216‑1,851) vs. 1.89 ng/mg (1.37‑3.33), P[] We herein describe a case of nephrotic syndrome with thrombocytopenia, lymphadenopathy, systemic inflammation, splenomegaly, kidney enlargement, and progressive renal insufficiency[] If during nivolumab treatment renal insufficiency, hypoalbuminemia, or proteinuria develops, further analysis for a possible nephrotic syndrome is warranted for early detection[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Serum creatinine may be increased.[] Chest x-rays may be abnormal, either showing diffuse disease (67%) or isolated areas (58%).[] Serum creatinine may be increased. Serologic testing to detect ANCA is followed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to check for specific antibodies.[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    The blood urea increased to 8.1 mmol/L (normal 7.1 mmol/L) and creatinine increased to 158 μmol/L (normal 133 μmol/L).[] Renal Insufficiency. Renal dosing of chemotherapy and medications such as allopurinol. B. Liver Insufficiency. Chemotherapy options may be limited. C.[] […] serum creatinine and positive urinary Bence-Jones protein containing increased kappa light chain.[]

  • Goodpasture Syndrome

    Improvement was observed within 3 weeks of starting the protocol, and by the 76th week, endogenous creatinine clearance had increased from 30 to 56 ml/min/1.73 M2 and serum[] Chest x-rays show abnormal white patches due to lung bleeding in both lungs.[] The 16-year-old patient had a history of smoking and therapy-refractant hemoptysis and, later, acute macrohematuria with renal insufficiency necessitating hemodialysis (initial[]

  • Malignant Hypertension

    His serum creatinine level increased abruptly; therefore, renal biopsy was performed.[] Laboratory and tests: Abnormalities on CT scan, EKG, chest X-ray, and/or urinalysis. Therapy: Parenteral (IV or IM) in the ER followed by in-patient care.[] MHT is frequently complicated by renal insufficiency and end-stage renal disease.[]

  • Amyloidosis

    In one quarter of patients there is nephritic syndrome, with macroscopic hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension, and increased serum creatinine.[] insufficiency.[] Abstract We present the case of a 45-year-old woman, with two-year history of chronic renal insufficiency and proteinuria.[]

  • Lipoid Nephrosis

    A satisfactory response characterized by correction of hypoalbuminemia, clearance of proteinuria, and an increase of endogenous creatinine clearance occurred with corticosteroid[] One patient, in whom renal insufficiency progressed rapidly, also had signs of proximal tubular dysfunction.[] […] ratios are increased in MCD in relapse compared with MCD in remission or FSGS. 10 Thus, although only explored so far in research settings, CD80 may be a useful biomarker[]

  • Acute Glomerulonephritis

    Serum creatinine then started to increase again. The slope of creatinine clearance over time became steeper after the episode of PSAGN.[] The test is used to determine the size and shape of the kidney and to detect a mass, kidney stone, cyst, or other obstruction or abnormalities. Chest X-ray.[] In this case, not only did renal insufficiency associate with PSAGN but also mild obesity may have led to hyperuricemia and gouty arthritis.[]

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