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252 Possible Causes for Chest X-Ray Abnormal, Hypoventilation

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    […] due to lower airway obstruction Sleep related hypoventilation due to lower airways obstruction Smoker's respiratory syndrome Supraglottic airway obstruction Totally obstructed[] […] infection Chest cold Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with acute lower respiratory infection Disorder of bronchial anastomosis Expiratory partial airway obstruction Hypoventilation[] Pulmonary decompression injury Radiation respiratory disease Respiratory obstruction Respiratory tract congestion Respiratory tract infection Shrinking lung syndrome Sleep hypoventilation[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Tests may include: Chest x-ray , if your provider suspects pneumonia Pulse oximetry, a painless test that helps determine the amount of oxygen in your blood by using a device[] Supplemental oxygen administration can, however, have the unintended side effect of delaying recognition by oximetry of hypoventilation [ 41 , 42 ].[] Clinical indications for noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in chronic respiratory failure due to restrictive lung disease, COPD, and nocturnal hypoventilation consensus[]

  • Pneumonia

    During the first wheezing episode in children with abnormal vital signs, heart failure should be considered in the differential diagnosis, and a chest X-ray should be performed[] Titrating assisted ventilation rate to the normal range of 35 to 45 mm Hg in pneumonia patients with sepsis may cause hypoventilation.[] If pneumonia is suspected, the provider will likely order a chest x-ray.[]

  • Myxedema

    The ECG may reveal conduction abnormalities and bradycardia. The chest X-ray may show an enlarged heart and pulmonary edema.[] […] and hypercapnia. [9, 10] Other contributing factors to hypoventilation include respiratory muscle weakness, mechanical obstruction by a large tongue, and obesity-hypoventilation[] Pulmonary The main pulmonary effect of myxedema coma is hypoventilation, which results from central depression of ventilatory drive with decreased responsiveness to hypoxia[]

  • Restrictive Lung Disease

    Chest x-rays and /or computed tomography (CT) scans were reviewed for all restricted patients to determine whether lung parenchymal abnormalities were unlikely or highly likely[] […] discusses the pathophysiology of sleep and comorbid sleep disorders in restrictive lung diseases including interstitial lung disease, neuromuscular disease, and obesity hypoventilation[] Pulmonary function tests showed alveolar hypoventilation and her resting ventilation was between 2.26 to 3.74L/min.[]

  • Cor Pulmonale

    Diagnostic highlights Test Normal Result Abnormality With Condition Explanation Chest x-rays Normal heart size and clear lungs Enlarged right ventricle and pulmonary artery[] OBJECTIVE: To report the first case of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS) presenting with severe cor pulmonale in an adolescent.[] […] heart sounds Enlarged veins, particularly facial and neck veins Cor pulmonale is typically diagnosed as the result of a series of tests and imaging, including chest X-rays[]

  • Kyphoscoliosis

    Chest X-ray showed severe kyphoscoliosis with a Cobb's angle of 120 0 [Figure 1] and patchy infiltrates.[] Hypoventilation can occur due to small tidal volumes and increased dead space ventilation.[] Besides hypoventilation and hypoxemia, the reasons for increased pulmonary artery pressure may involve different mechanisms.[]

  • Atelectasis

    , [[Acute Hypoventilation]] and Chronic Hypoventilation , [[Chronic Hypoventilation]]) Mechanism : diaphragmatic weakness/paralysis with pressure of abdominal contents on[] Platelike atelectasis probably occurs because of obstruction of a small bronchus and is observed in states of hypoventilation, pulmonary embolism, or lower respiratory tract[] Subsegmental Atelectasis : plate-like linear densities (typically at the bases) noted on CXR or Chest CT Likely occurs due to small bronchial obstruction (which may with hypoventilation[]

  • Congenital Emphysema

    Review of a chest X-ray will reveal the size and location of the emphysematous lobe as well as impingement on the mediastinum.[] However, if the infant is hypoventilating during the induction or maintenance of anesthesia, assisted ventilation may be required.[] Clinically stable, with adequate tolerance to oral intake and no respiratory compromise, and hypoventilation observed in upper left field.[]

  • Pulmonary Hypertension

    One or more of the following tests may be done if pulmonary hypertension is suspected: A chest x-ray may show heart enlargement and abnormal lung vessels.[] This case shows the therapeutic potential of vasoactive medications for alveolar hypoventilation-related PH.[] An ECG may show some abnormalities that may be suggestive of right heart failure. Chest x-ray may also show enlargement of the chambers of the right heart.[]

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