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3,409 Possible Causes for Childhood Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Gammaglobulins Increased, Pleural Effusion

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    Four years after the diagnosis of lymphoma, she presented with a left pleural effusion.[] What is childhood non-Hodgkin lymphoma?[] effusion).[]

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    An 80-year-old man who had suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and achieved complete remission was admitted to our hospital due to right pleural effusion.[] , Couple Exchanges Vows Patient Stories, Adult Lung Cancers Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Chronic Lymphocytic - CLL News Releases 12/10/2017 Study shows combining chemotherapy with[] CD45-gated flow cytometry of the pleural effusion showed elevated numbers of CD5- and CD23-positive lymphocytes and a high serum level of soluble interleukin-2 receptor.[]

  • Lymphoma

    Large pericardial effusion or arrhythmias secondary to cardiac metastases. Respiratory problems secondary to pleural effusion and/or parenchymal lesions.[] Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma There are three main types of childhood non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL).[] effusion ("water on the lungs").[]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    This condition leads to accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites), pleural effusions, edema of the legs, dilation of superficial veins of the abdomen, and dilation[] Jul 29th, 2019 - Pleural effusions(PE) complicate cirrhosis in 5% of patients. Identification of cause and related complications is imperative.[] Effusion.[]

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    CT showed a massive right pleural effusion and a sclerotic lesion in the right ninth rib. Histopathological examination of the rib revealed IgA lambda-type plasmacytoma.[] Pleural disease Pleural involvement is a common pulmonary manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis, with small pleural effusions noted in up to 70% on autopsy studies [ 50 ,[] Effects of rheumatoid arthritis on the lungs Rheumatoid nodules can develop in the lungs resulting in collapsed lung, coughing up blood or pleural effusion.[]

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  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    He was admitted for progression of left pleural effusion and consolidation in the left upper lobe.[] Abstract A Somali patient with previous tuberculosis presented clinically unwell with features consistent with a right-sided pleural effusion.[] Enlarged heart and hilar shadows, bilateral massive cavitary pulmonary opacities and pleural effusion were found at chest radiography.[]

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  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    Chest radiography and computed tomography scans revealed right pleural effusion and a mass in the right middle lung field, which were confirmed by a percutaneous lung biopsy[] Severe with gross limb oedema, ascites and pleural effusions.[] There could be ascites, pleural effusion, and pitting pedal edema. The patient could also present with frothy urine. There could be dyspnea and cough.[]

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  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Eosinophilic pleural effusion in elderly patients is most commonly due to malignancies and infections.[] We describe a case of SLE presenting with shortness of breath, found to have pneumothorax, bilateral nodular infiltrates along with pleural effusions and pericardial effusion[] Plain chest computed tomography (CT) scan revealed pericardial effusion, bilateral pleural effusions, and pulmonary hemorrhage.[]

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  • Sarcoidosis

    Despite overall clinical management with diuretics, pleural effusion persisted and the patient underwent medical thoracoscopy with pleural biopsy.[] Bilateral pleural effusions are a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis.[] KEYWORDS: endobronchial nodules; miliary opacities; pancreatic sarcoidosis; pleural effusion; sarcoidosis[]

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  • Pulmonary Cavitary Tuberculosis

    § Parenchymal disease will almost never be present with a pleural effusion although lymphadenopathy may § Apical pleural scarring is rarely tuberculous in origin Calcification[] Pleural effusions may occur and may progress to empyema.[] This image shows a left pleural effusion and left lower-lobe consolidation.[]

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