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17 Possible Causes for Chloasma, Linea Nigra

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  • Chloasma

    The chloasma are mainly light to dark brown in color of epidermal origin, blue or black in patients with dermal chloasma.[] Is my linea nigra related to melasma?[] It brings some not-so-fun changes too, such as Chloasma. Chloasma is also known as Melasma, or the mask of pregnancy.[]

  • Nelson Syndrome

    nigra (pigmentation extending up the midline from the pubis to the umbilicus) and pigmentation of scars, gingivae, scrotum and areolae.[] Patients usually appear hyperpigmented in linea nigra, scars, gingivae, palmer creases, scrotum and areolae. [1] [2] [3] [4] [7] Assessment of the pubertal stage [1] [2] [[] A linea nigra is often apparent. This is a dark line from the pubis to the umbilicus.[]

  • Third Trimester Pregnancy

    This is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy (melasma, or Chloasma facies).[] Other skin changes include possible varicose veins , spider veins and a darkening linea nigra down your abdomen. Your stretch marks also darken as your abdomen grows.[] Pregnancy is a pretty jarring experience for the human body, so don’t be surprised if your back aches for a little bit longer, or the trail of your linea nigra hangs around[]

  • Oligohydramnios

    […] to 390 - 398 , 410 - 429 ) 648.6 cerebrovascular disorders (conditions classifiable to 430 - 434 , 436 - 437 ) 674.0 cervicitis (conditions classifiable to 616.0 ) 646.6 chloasma[] The 4 measurements are summed to obtain the AFI in centimeters. [20, 21] In gestations earlier than 20 weeks, measurements from the 2 halves are divided by the linea nigra[] nigra to divide the uterus into left and right halves.[]

  • Generalized Follicular Keratosis

    Melasma "Mask of pregnancy," or chloasma, develops in 50–70% of pregnant women during the second trimester.[] […] foliculare Alte anomalii de pigmentatie Exclude: semn de nastere NOS (Q82.5) nev - vezi Indexul alfabetic sindromul Peutz-Jeghers (Q85.81) Hiperpigmentatia post-inflamatorie Chloasma[] Post-inflammatory - any site Post-inflammatory (common / many inflammatory dermatoses can leave hyperpigmented areas of skin, especially in darker skin) Face / neck Melasma (syn. chloasma[]

  • Striae Distensae

    Nevus collagenicus Fibrous hamartoma of infancy Aplasia cutis congenita Disorders of melanin pigmentation Vitiligo Hypomelanosis guttata Pityriasis alba Albinism Melasma, chloasma[] Physiologic skin changes in pregnancy include changes in pigmentation (in the form of melasma, linea nigra, secondary areola, localized or generalized hyperpigmentation),[] Melasma (chloasma or mask of pregnancy) may be the most cosmetically troublesome skin condition associated with pregnancy ( Figure 2 ) .[]

  • Herpes Gestationis

    Applies To Fatigue during pregnancy Herpes gestationis Insufficient weight gain of pregnancy ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing back-references to 646.8 : Chloasma[] Common physiological changes include linea nigra, fibroepithelial polyps, striae, spider angioma, palmar erythema and pruritis gravidarum.[] […] to the pubic region, hyperpigments during pregnancy to become the “linea nigra.”[]

  • Impetigo Herpetiformis

    Melasma (chloasma or mask of pregnancy) may be the most cosmetically troublesome skin condition associated with pregnancy ( Figure 2 ) .[] […] to the pubic region, hyperpigments during pregnancy to become the “linea nigra.”[] The linea nigra is the line that often forms when the abdominal linea alba darkens during pregnancy.[]

  • Syphilis in Pregnancy

    Face—chloasma, the “mask of pregnancy” pigmentation distributed over the face. Usually disappears after pregnancy.[] Melanin activity increases (due to estrogen & progesterone ) - Areolas darken - Linea alba becomes linea nigra - Chloasma (“mask of pregnancy”) Avoid sun !!! 2.[] Abdomen—linea nigra, dark streak down the midline of abdomen, especially prominent in brunettes.[]

  • Vomiting of Pregnancy

    Chloasma Chloasma is a special form of pigmentation also called the mask of pregnancy, which appears as brown patches on the bridge of the nose, cheeks and neck.[] - September 17, 2018 Blood Clots After Birth: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment - August 31, 2018 What Is Linea Nigra And Why Does It Occur?[] This is called the linea nigra . Sunlight intensifies areas of skin that are already pigmented and many women find that they tan more easily during pregnancy.[]

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