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437 Possible Causes for Choledocholithiasis

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  • Cholelithiasis

    Post-surgery, six patients developed choledocholithiasis.[] Choledocholithiasis Final Diagnosis Cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis[] […] have choledocholithiasis at the time of surgery.[]

  • Cholestatic Jaundice

    What is Common Bile Duct Stone (Choledocholithiasis, Cholangitis, Obstructive Jaundice) Statistics on Common Bile Duct Stone (Choledocholithiasis, Cholangitis, Obstructive[] Choledocholithiasis has an acute presentation so GB does not distend Labs: choledocholithiasis rarely causes t bili 15; tbili 20 suggestive of malignancy.[] ) Choledocholithiasis is a disease of the common bile duct.[]

  • Duodenal Diverticulum

    In one patient, choledocholithiasis developed 33 months after the surgery, necessitating endoscopic sphincterotomy.[] These cases of choledocholithiasis, even cholangitis secondary to Lemmel's syndrome,9 may be treated satisfactorily with endoscopy.[] BACKGROUND/AIMS: The role of endoscopic intervention for cholangitis caused by the juxtapapillary duodenal diverticulum without choledocholithiasis, i.e., the Lemmel's syndrome[]

  • Cholangitis

    Choledocholithiasis – gallstones in the common bile duct .[] Cholangitis, in turn, can lead to strictures, stasis, and choledocholithiasis.[] DDx Biliary leaks Liver abscess Infected choledochal cysts Cholecystitis Mirizzi syndrome Right lower lobe pneumonia/empyema Lab values Biliary Colic Cholecystitis Choledocholithiasis[]

  • Choledocholithiasis

    (47 patients), that enrolled the patients with choledocholithiasis intra-operatively.[] Endoscopic biliary sphincterotomy and stone removal has become the standard of care for choledocholithiasis.[] CONCLUSION: Only strong clinical predictors of choledocholithiasis showed predictability for patients with intermediate risk of choledocholithiasis. 2016 S.[]

  • Biliary Colic

    Choledocholithiasis – gallstones in the common bile duct.[] MRI may be used to detect gallstones in patients with choledocholithiasis.[] Diseases of the biliary tract include: gallstones, biliary colic, cholecystitis, cholangitis and choledocholithiasis.[]

  • Ascending Cholangitis

    @article{23f85d45b18b406ca7781f9b60b3f7a6, title "Choledocholithiasis, Ascending Cholangitis, and Gallstone Pancreatitis", abstract "Gallstone disease is encountered commonly[] Choledocholithiasis – gallstones in the common bile duct.[] Signs and symptoms of ascending cholangitis (also known as acute cholangitis) develop due to the obstruction of the biliary tree (by gallstones or choledocholithiasis, tumors[]

  • Biliary Tract Infection

    , w obstruction Choledocholithiasis w cholangitis Choledocholithiasis w cholangitis, w obstruction Choledocholithiasis w chronic cholangitis Choledocholithiasis w chronic[] However, in critically ill patients with acute cholangitis secondary to choledocholithiasis, it may be prudent to achieve biliary drainage endoscopically, by insertion of[] There was a strong association with choledocholithiasis and malignancies, both pre-existing and newly diagnosed.[]

  • Ampulla of Vater Obstruction Syndrome

    Cholangitis, in turn, can lead to strictures, stasis, and choledocholithiasis.[] Choledocholithiasis can also lead to gallstone pancreatitis.[] Choledocholithiasis (gallstone in the ductal system) Gallstones in the duct system Choledocholithiasis Gallstones Cholelithiasis Inflammation of the Gallbladder Cholecystitis[]

  • Cholecystitis

    Choledocholithiasis Primary choledocholithiasis : (less common): conditions predisposing to bile stasis (e.g., cystic fibrosis ) Secondary choledocholithiasis : history of[] Four of 100 patients had associated choledocholithiasis.[] Of these only 246 (58 %) had choledocholithiasis [ 128 ].[]

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