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958 Possible Causes for Cholelithiasis, Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis

  • Hepatitis

    diffusely decreased parenchymal attenuation on noncontrast CT diffuse edematous change hepatic steatosis may be a cause (steatohepatitis) or a result of acute hepatitis possible[] “bright liver” and with deep attenuation; and (3) “severe steatosis”, presence of diffusely severe “bright liver” and deep attenuation without visibility of the diaphragm[] Findings include: hepatomegaly 15.5 cm at the midclavicular line 4 possible decreased attenuation around the portal system and at the hepatic hilum (periportal edema) possible[]

  • Macronodular Cirrhosis

    Cholelithiasis Cholera Cholera Cholestasis Cholestasis Cholesterolosis Cholesterolosis Cirrhosis hepatis biliaris Biliary cirrhosis Cirrhosis hepatis cardialis Cardiac cirrhosis[] On CT, an objective measurement using Hounsfield units of 48 on a noncontrast study is most accurate in diagnosing hepatic steatosis.[] Cholangitis Cholecystitis acuta Acute cholecystitis Cholecystitis chronica Chronic cholecystitis Cholecystolithiasis Cholecystolithiasis Choledocholithiasis Choledocholithiasis Cholelithiasis[]

  • Obesity

    […] tolerance, acanthosis nigricans, hepatic steatosis, premature puberty, hypogonadism and polycystic ovary syndrome, obstructive sleep disorder, orthopedic complications, cholelithiasis[] Khalil and Kareem Gamal, Effect of oral ursodeoxycholic acid on cholelithiasis following laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity, Surgery for Obesity and Related[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Cholelithiasis

    Cholelithiasis may also develop as a result of the bile containing excess bilirubin. Cholelithiasis is a common problem in most western cultures.[] Cholelithiasis is also strongly associated with gallbladder, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer occurrence.[] Nearly half (6/13) of patients with complicated cholelithiasis had CHD.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Cholangitis

    A lot of the western world have stones in their gallbladders (cholelithiasis) but for the most part they just grumble along with no trouble at all.[] Drastic dieting increases the risk of cholelithiasis in obese people (level 2b). 64, 65, 66, 67 The incidences of both cholelithiasis and cholecystitis in obese people (age[] Usually secondary to cholelithiasis, but can be a primary stone in cases of bile stasis or recurrent infection of the biliary tree.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Intensive diabetes therapy aimed at achieving near normoglycemia reduces the risk of microvascular and neurologic complications of type 1 diabetes. We studied whether the use of intensive therapy as compared with conventional therapy during the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) affected the long-term[…][]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Choledocholithiasis

    Patients with simple cholelithiasis had significantly higher BMI compared to the control group without cholelithiasis (p CONCLUSION: Patients with cholelithiasis had significantly[] Cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis were diagnosed by ultrasound examination.[] CONCLUSIONS: Laparoscopy combined with choledochoscopy was effective and safe for treating cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Cholecystitis

    Sex : Prevalence : 5–20% among patients with gallbladder disease Peak incidence : similar to cholelithiasis Cholecystitis Sex : Prevalence : 33% of patients with cholelithiasis[] Pediatr Clin North Am. 1996 ; 42 : 75 –98 OpenUrl Cholelithiasis.[] Code 575.0 gives examples of what is included in acute cholecystitis (including gangrenous) but excludes cholelithiasis and notes not to use if cholelithiasis present.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Portal Cirrhosis

    Such chronic gastrointestinal diseases as peptic ulcer, cirrhosis, and cholelithiasis are becoming increasingly recognized as health problems.[] CHOLELITHIASIS 39. TREATMENT CHART 40.[] CHOLELITHIASIS UPPER GI ENDOSCOPY Impression : GRADE II OESOPHAGEAL VARICES WITH CONGESTIVE GASTROPATHY. 72.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Hemochromatosis

    Ana Isabel Mendes Ana Ferro Rute Martins Isabel Picanço Susana Gomes Rute Cerqueira Manuel Correia António Robalo Nunes Jorge Esteves Rita Fleming Paula Faustino Original Article First Online: 02 September 2008 Abstract The most frequent genotype associated with Hereditary hemochromatosis is the homozygosity for[…][]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis

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