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58 Possible Causes for Chronic Prostatitis, Red Eye, Reiter's Syndrome

  • Chlamydia

    syndrome) Conjunctivitis Should you abstain from sexual activity if you have chlamydia?[] Perletti, Eradication of Chlamydia trachomatis parallels symptom regression in chronic bacterial prostatitis patients treated with a fluoroquinolone–macrolide combination,[] This causes itchy red eyes, as well as burning, tearing, and sensitivity to light.[]

  • Gonorrhea

    syndrome.[] […] disease, without benign prostatic hypertrophy, without chronic prostatitis, and without alcoholism.[] […] and itchy, red eyes.[]

  • Chlamydial Urethritis

    The treatment had no effect on the complications of urethritis like prostatitis and Reiter's syndrome.[] Chlamydia trachomatis also causes epididymitis, usually in those under age 35, and may occasionally be responsible for chronic prostatitis.[] A child born to a woman with a chlamydia infection of the cervix may develop an eye or lung infection.[]

  • Iritis

    syndrome), psoriatic Arthritis, irritable Bowel disease and Crohn’s disease Infectious causes may include Lyme disease, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, and herpes[] Iritis can cause eye pain, light sensitivity, and redness from inflammation inside the eye.[] Autoimmune inflammation of iris and ciliary muscle Isolated or part of systemic autoimmune condition such as ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter[]

  • Reactive Arthritis

    To present a rare ocular manifestation of reactive arthritis (Reiter syndrome) in a child.[] […] symptoms Men: Increased urine Burning sensation during urination Discharge from penis Inflamed prostate gland (prostatitis) Women: Inflamed cervix Inflamed urethra.[] A previously healthy 48-year-old man presented with a 1-week history of migrating polyarthropathy preceded by a viral illness, dysuria and bilateral red eyes.[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    prostatitis frequently associated with HIV infection (both conditions associated with sexually transmitted disease), likely to be more severe in HIV-infected patients with[] The use of the NSAID indomethacin may relieve mild pain symptoms in Reiter’s syndrome.[] The symptoms may include urethral discharge, frequency of passing urine, penile, mouth and tongue ulcers , fever, red eyes, painful joints and the scaly rash of psoriasis.[]

  • Ureaplasma Infection

    ’s syndrome Footnote 11.[] They can cause transverse myelitis (paralysis of the spine) (1); gall stones (2); a chronic sore throat (3); red itchy eyes, pain on looking at light and blindness (4); arthritis[] Infection has also been linked to the development of neonatal pneumonia, chronic pyelonephritis Footnote 9, infertility, prostatitis, epididymitis, chronic urethrocysititis[]

  • Circinate Balanitis of Reiter's Disease

    Reiter's syndrome.[] prostatitis frequently associated with HIV infection (both conditions associated with sexually transmitted disease), likely to be more severe in HIV-infected patients with[] […] symptoms Conjunctivitis - about 50-75% of cases Uveitis Iris inflammation Cornea inflammation Eye redness Eye pain Eye irritation Blurred vision Watery eyes * Urinary tract[]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    Reiter A, Sohal J, Kulkarni S, et al. Consistent fusion of ZNF198 to the fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 in the t(8;13)(p11;q12) myeloproliferative syndrome.[] The case of a 57-year-old male with a history significant for myeloproliferative disease, chronic renal failure, hypertension, and prostate cancer is described.[] In many cases, people with PV have a ruddy (red) complexion, and a reddening of the palms of their hands, the soles of their feet, ear lobes, mucous membranes and their eyes[]

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

    […] of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome.[] Chronic lymphocytic leukemia with prostate infiltration mediated by specific clonal membrane-bound IgM. Cancer Res. 63 : 2067 –2071. Musante, L., M. Ulivi, G.[] Patients with excessive redness and pain in the eyes should be evaluated for infections.[]

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