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1,252 Possible Causes for Chronic Sinusitis, Conjunctivitis

  • Sinusitis

    Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms Patients who have chronic sinusitis may suffer one or more of the following symptoms: Chronic sinus headaches /facial pressure in the forehead,[] A 70-year-old white man with a history of chronic conjunctivitis and nasal polyps presenting with chronic epiphora was found to have dacryostenosis on the left side.[] Sinusitis nearly always occurs in conjunction with inflammation of the nasal passages (rhinitis), and some doctors refer to the disorder as rhinosinusitis.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Bucholtz GA, Salzman SA, Bersalona FB, et al.: PCR analysis of nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, and hypertrophied turbinates for DNA encoding bacterial 16S rRNA .[] […] complicated by recurrence of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder, presented nearly 2 years after transplantation with fever, conjunctivitis[] Conjunctivitis may be seen with adenoviral pharyngoconjunctival fever and is present in one half to one third of all adenoviral URIs.[]

  • Otitis Media

    The patient was a 32-year-old woman with bronchial asthma and chronic sinusitis.[] In our case, MPS IIIB was diagnosed at an early age because recurrent wheezing and otitis media in conjunction with hepatomegaly were recognised as more than trivial findings[] This reaction may be acute, as in hay fever type reaction or may be chronic, as in many varieties of "chronic sinusitis."[]

  • Pharyngitis

    Adenoidectomy indications: OSA due to adenotonsillar hypertrophy Chronic adenoiditis Chronic sinusitis Repeat surgery for recurrent otitis media with effusion (OME) References[] Our objective was to determine whether sampling with a throat swab provides incremental benefit-when used in conjunction with a nasal swab-to detect respiratory viruses among[] Risk factors People who suffer from allergies, persistent coughs or chronic sinusitis are particularly prone to sore throats.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    Sinusitis Whooping Cough or Pertussis Family Life Marriage and Divorce Health Care and Insurance Access to Health Care Ambulatory and Hospital Care Ambulatory Care Use and[] Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disorder that often occurs in conjunction with other diseases and conditions, notably menopause and endocrine disorders.[] This certainly sounds like some form of conjunctivitis but she wonders whether anyone might have suggestions on 'how to ease the matter’ before she is compelled to revert[]

  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    In the work-up of cough in IPF, infections, chronic sinusitis, COPD-associated chronic bronchitis and pulmonary malignancies should also be excluded.[] As an educational research exercise performed in conjunction with our medical school human anatomy course, we explored the potential utility of determining the whole genome[] Patients are invited for an evaluation and ongoing management of their diseases in conjunction with their local doctors.[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    The most frequent ENT manifestation was sinonasal involvement (58.4%, 73% of which with nasal inflammation/chronic sinusitis and 48% with nasal crusting), while otologic involvement[] She was diagnosed with iritis, conjunctivitis and keratitis.[] You may see other symptoms like chronic sinusitis. Constant inflammation in the sinuses causes this chronic pain and this blockage of sinuses due to swelling.[]

  • Hypogammaglobulinemia

    Recurrent or chronic upper and lower respiratory tract infections leading to bronchiectasis , chronic sinusitis or cor pulmonale are not common.[] […] approved medication to mobilize CD34 hematopoietic stem cells prior to apheresis and use in autologous transplantation in non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma when used in conjunction[] The most common bacterial infections that occur in people with XLA are lung infections (pneumonia and bronchitis), ear infections (otitis), pink eye (conjunctivitis), and[]

  • Blepharitis

    Data demonstrate that HMGB1 content is close to detection limit in tears of control subjects but highly increased (about 15-fold) in patients with conjunctivitis or blepharitis[] It may be associated with several systemic diseases, particularly rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, and is related to other ocular conditions like dry eye, chalazion, conjunctivitis[] Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, is very common.[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Commonly Associated Conditions Hearing loss OM: acute, chronic, and serous Chronic mastoiditis Cholesteatoma Allergic rhinitis Chronic sinusitis/URI Adenoid hypertrophy GERD[] […] describe a minimally invasive method for the treatment of pET that involves cauterization with autologous fat graft plugging of the ET at its nasopharyngeal orifice, in conjunction[] The infection started off as a cold/flu and then went into my eyes and ears causing conjunctivitis and an ear infection.[]

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