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1,614 Possible Causes for Chronic Sinusitis, Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased

  • Hypogammaglobulinemia

    sinusitis, and intestinal giardiasis were studied.[] Parent of children with CVID had low percentages of naive B cell and increased percentages of memory B cells in comparison with controls.[] Recurrent or chronic upper and lower respiratory tract infections leading to bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis or cor pulmonale are not common.[]

  • Acute Sinusitis

    Chronic Sinusitis Chronic sinusitis lasts longer than 4 weeks and occurs frequently –more than 4 times a year.[] Do you know the two types of sinusitis ? Acute vs. Chronic Acute sinusitis lasts up to 4 weeks. Chronic sinusitis lasts at least several weeks and can linger for years.[] Chronic sinusitis is uncommon. See the separate leaflet called Chronic Sinusitis for more details . The rest of this leaflet is about acute sinusitis .[]

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  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    sinusitis.[] sinusitis, laryngitis, or dental erosions.[] Conversely, no conclusive clinical evidence supports a link between gastroesophageal reflux and other supraesophageal problems, including otalgia, recurrent otitis media, and chronic[]

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  • Allergic Rhinitis

    One should be sure to consider nasal polyposis and inflammation from chronic sinusitis, especially of the ethmoidal sinuses.[] Sinusitis is an inflammation of the lining inside the sinuses which can be acute or chronic.[] J32.1 Chronic frontal sinusitis J32.2 Chronic ethmoidal sinusitis J32.3 Chronic sphenoidal sinusitis Reimbursement claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015[]

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  • Sinusitis

    Fever isn't a common sign of chronic sinusitis, but you might have one with acute sinusitis.[] Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms Patients who have chronic sinusitis may suffer one or more of the following symptoms: Chronic sinus headaches /facial pressure in the forehead,[] What is chronic sinusitis?[]

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  • Chronic Sinusitis

    Chronic sinusitis is defined as a chronic inflammation of the mucosal lining of the paranasal sinuses.[] Chronic sinusitis is further classified as chronic sinusitis with polyposis, chronic sinusitis without polyposis, or allergic fungal sinusitis using physical examination,[] Patients with chronic sinusitis often have a paucity of symptoms.[]

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  • Upper Airway Cough Syndrome

    From Ganfyd Upper airway cough syndrome (UACS, postnasal drip syndrome (PNDS)-induced cough, allergic rhinitis induced cough, vasomotor rhinitis induced cough, chronic sinusitis[] Upper airway cough syndrome 6 Differential diagnosis for cough in an adult PND Allergic rhinitis Chronic sinusitis GERD/LPR Cough-variant asthma ACE Inhibitor medications[] sinusitis."[]

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  • Adenoid Hypertrophy

    Chronic Sinusitis if the swollen tonsils and surrounding tissue prevent proper drainage from the sinus cavities. The mucous becomes trapped and infections can develop.[] […] mouth breathing, recurrent or persistent otitis media and/or chronic sinusitis [ 12 ].[] Chronic purulent maxilloethmoidal sinusitis prevailed among chronic rhinosinusitis.[]

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  • Nasal Polyp

    sinusitis.[] OBJECTIVE: To assess inhibition of interleukins 4 and 13 with dupilumab in patients with chronic sinusitis and nasal polyposis.[] Chronic sinusitis with polyps is an inflammation of the sinuses that lasts more than 12 weeks and is associated with nasal polyps.[]

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  • Deviated Nasal Septum

    By looking at the information above you could think that the connection between nasal septum deviation and chronic sinusitis is clear.[] […] and are predisposed to chronic sinusitis.[] There is no known association of deviated nasal septum and increased risk of sinusitis or a contributing factor in pathogenesis of chronic sinusitis.[]

    Missing: Percentage of Naive B Cells Increased

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