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13 Possible Causes for Circumduction Gait, Coma

  • Stroke

    Ischemic stroke with coma Ischemic stroke without coma Ischemic stroke wo coma Lacunar infarction Lacunar stroke Left anterior cerebral artery occlusion w stroke Left anterior[] […] following: breathing and heart functions body temperature control balance and coordination weakness or paralysis in all four limbs chewing, swallowing, and speaking vision coma[] […] especially in combination with any of the previously noted symptoms Other less common symptoms of stroke may include sudden nausea or vomiting, fainting, confusion, seizures or coma[]

  • Brain Laceration

    He was on a coma for three days after his fatal mauling.[] In either case there may be permanent damage. brain dead irreversible coma with apnea, loss of all brainstem reflexes and absence of activity on an electroencephalogram. brain[] Those in lighter comas may offer some response, to the point they may even seem awake, yet meet the criteria of coma because they do not respond to their environment.[]

  • Hemiplegia

    ., Glasgow Coma Scale score 8).[] With mild hemiparesis, loss of normal arm swing and slight circumduction may be the only abnormalities.[] Syndrome • Todd’s Paralysis • Brain tumor (Primary or metastatic disease) • Infection: brain abscess, encephalitis, subdural empyema or meningitis • Nonketotic hyperosmolar coma[]

  • Pyramidal Tract Lesion

    […] sleep Deep anaesthesia Pathological causes of Babinski sign in absence of Pyramidal Tract Lesion Narcotic overdose Alcohol intoxication Following electroconvulsive therapy Coma[] Case report A 38-year-old man was found in a coma. He had experienced gradually increasing severe holocephalic headache for 2 days prior to admission.[]

  • Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis

    The patient had BANP and developmental regression when he regained consciousness from a coma, and the signs had persisted for 6-months. BANP can be a symptom of ADEM.[] He manifested a right circumduction gait with stand-by assistance, a cane, and bilateral AFO.[] The meningoencephalitic presentation may include meningism, impaired consciousness (occasionally leading to coma), seizures and confusion, or behavioral disturbances.[]

  • Hemiparesis

    It may result in a variety of neurological symptoms such as focal deficits, epileptic crisis, coma state and death.[] With mild hemiparesis, loss of normal arm swing and slight circumduction may be the only abnormalities.[] ABBREVIATIONS CSDH chronic subdural hematoma ; GCS Glasgow Coma Scale ; MLS midline shift ; MRC Medical Research Council Manual Muscle Testing scale .[]

  • Nothnagel's Syndrome

    Assessment of coma and impaired consciousness: a practical scale. ‎[] The hemiparetic gait is also characteristic with foot drop causing circumduction as the involved leg is swung out and forward before the next step.[] Assessment of coma and impaired consciousness: a practical scale. Lancet 1974;2:81-3. ‎[]

  • Infantile Hemiplegia

    50%) - during recovery f the shock st : the ms tone & deep reflexes reappear & gradually inc. babinski sign bcome ve. the st of spasticity sets in - if the onset is ass w coma[] "Never give up" E- Gait training: Circumduction gait is the way that a hemiplegic patient walks. this is an incorrect way for walk.Gait training must start depend on this[] With mild hemiparesis, loss of normal arm swing and slight circumduction may be the only abnormalities.[]

  • Paraparesis

    For example, a neurological examination in the form of a Glasgow Coma Scale test is used to measure any diminishment of conscious-level brain function, as well as a test for[] If the patient can walk, look for a spastic gait with bilateral circumduction described as “scissoring”, and whilst they are standing inspect the spine for scars.[]

  • Ataxia

    Reversible coma in Wernicke's encephalopathy. Postgrad. Med. J. 61, 607–610 (1985). 24. Strachan, H. On a form of multiple neuritis prevalent in the West Indies.[] There are some specific gaits: the waddling gait of hip girdle weakness; the steppage gait of foot-drop; the swinging gait of quadriceps weakness; and the circumducting or[] […] of inherited metabolic disorders include: Lethargy Poor appetite Abdominal pain Vomiting Weight loss Jaundice Failure to gain weight or grow Developmental delay Seizures Coma[]

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