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9,618 Possible Causes for Circumoral Paresthesia, Edema, Snow Blindness

  • Migraine

    Helmut Barz, Almut Schreiber and Ulrich Barz, Demyelinating diseases as a result of cerebral edema?[]

  • Basilar-Type Migraine

    The acute phase may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, chills, polyuria, sweating, facial edema, irritability, and extreme fatigue.[] […] attack. [72] Reversible brain MRI abnormalities have been reported in a patient with migraine-triggered seizure, possibly as a consequence of supratentorial focal cerebral edema[]

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    Skin edema occurs, manifesting in swollen, pruritic hands and digits. 14 Over time, the skin hardens and thickens over the digits, extremities, face, and trunk—all resulting[] […] commonly affected organs are the esophagus, heart, lungs, and kidneys. 0002960 Chest pain 0100749 Chondrocalcinosis Calcium deposits in joints 0000934 Cough Coughing 0012735 Edema[] […] induration, and hardening affecting the fingers ( sclerodactyly ) shiny with loss of “wrinkles” from skin folds limited mobility due to skin tightening digital ulceration edema[]

    Missing: Snow Blindness
  • Temporal Arteritis

    […] relief after SGB is unclear, but we believe it was effective for ischemia in temporal arteritis because it led to dilation of affected arteries or suppression of inflammation/edema[] The contrast enhancement of the formerly inflamed vessel wall is significantly less pronounced (arrow) and no perivascular edema can be detected.[] Teach her about the potential adverse reactions to corticosteroids, including hyperglycemia, edema, osteonecrosis, myopathy, peptic ulcer disease, hypokalemia, osteoporosis[]

    Missing: Circumoral Paresthesia
  • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

    To evaluate the safety and efficacy of intravitreal ranibizumab for macular edema secondary to central retinal vein occlusion.[] METHODS: Retrospective, consecutive, interventional case series of 17 patients with persistent macular edema secondary to CRVO (defined as intraretinal edema and either RESULTS[] A 71-year-old female was treated with an intravitreal bevacizumab injection for macular edema following CRVO.[]

    Missing: Circumoral Paresthesia
  • Retinopathy

    Steroid Eye Drops For Diabetic Macular Edema Some individuals with diabetic macular edema may experience reduced symptoms and improved vision after treatment with corticosteroid[] PURPOSE: To determine the relationship between cystoid macular edema (CME) and disease severity and progression in non-paraneoplastic autoimmune retinopathy (npAIR).[] Ophthalmic examination will show signs of retinal vascular disease that includes retinal hemorrhages, perivascular sheathing, disc edema and macular edema.[]

    Missing: Circumoral Paresthesia
  • Hyperventilation

    THE hyperventilation syndrome, as seen in anxious, tense persons, is characterized by paresthesia of the extremities and circumoral area, sensations of lightheadedness and[] Pulmonary Edema Pulmonary edema (swelling or fluid in the lungs) can either be caused by cardiogenic causes (congestive heart failure, heart...[] ., cardiogenic shock, COPD, pulmonary edema), and central nervous system stimulants (e.g., drugs, cola, coffee, tea). Table 7. Hyperventilation.[]

    Missing: Snow Blindness
  • Retinal Artery Embolism

    Patients generally present with pain, proptosis, tense eyelids, periorbital edema, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and external ophthalmoplegia.[] These abnormal blood vessels can leak blood and fluid into the eye, contributing to macular edema.[] LASER treatment for macular edema can be used in some vein occlusions.[]

    Missing: Circumoral Paresthesia
  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Fundus examination showed optic disc edema with no vascular tortuosity and no cup in both eyes.[] Clinical examination revealed conjunctival chemosis, corneal edema, and shallow anterior chambers. Closed angles were observed bilaterally on gonioscopy.[] Topiramate, a new sulfa-derivative antiepileptic medication, may cause idiosyncratic ciliochoroidal detachments and ciliary body edema leading to anterior displacement of[]

    Missing: Circumoral Paresthesia
  • Acute Hyperventilation

    Pulmonary Edema Pulmonary edema (swelling or fluid in the lungs) can either be caused by cardiogenic causes (congestive heart failure, heart...[] Acute pulmonary edema would MOST likely develop as the result of: toxic chemical inhalation.[] The damaged alveoli close down or fill up with fluid (lung edema), thereby losing their ability to oxygenate the blood and eliminate carbon dioxide.[]

    Missing: Snow Blindness

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